Atif Aslam dead due to throat cancer – Rumor

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Atif Aslam is one of the greatest singers of Bollywood from Pakistan. The rumor strikes the internet about him that he is dead due to throat cancer. It is fact that he is suffering from throat cancer but the news that he is died, is totally a fake story. It was nothing but rumors of the death news about Atif Aslam. Latest news about Atif Aslam is that he is alive and doing well.

Atif Aslam dead due to throat cancer - Rumor

Different websites wrote about the death of the Atif Aslam due to various reasons. Some are saying that de died due to backbone injury or some he is died because he is suffering from cancer from last couple of years.

In fact, a live concert was being done by Atif Aslam in the Karachi of Pakistan while he fell down from the stage and faced back injury. The rescue team took him to the nearby Agha Khan Cancer Hospital of Karachi. Being a cancer hospital people started guessing and penning down on their website about the death news of the Atif Aslam.

Atif Aslam dead due to throat cancerThe following are the songs sang by Atif Aslam like “Tera Hone Laga Hoon” and “Tu Jaane Na” from “ajab prem ki ghajab kahani” His other songs are: Aadat Kalyug; Tere Bin Bas Ek Pal; Pehli Nazar Mein Race; Bakhuda Tumhi Ho Kismat Konnection Alka Yagnik; 2010 O Mere Khuda (Prince) Tere Liye (Prince); Kaun Hoon Main (Prince); Aa Bhi Ja Sanam (Prince).

Atif Aslam was instantly rushed to Agha khan hospital in Karachi, which is a cancer hospital. So the rumor started that Atif Aslam dead due to throat cancer. Wish it’s just that a rumor. We pray for him. And hope he recovers fast.


  1. archana says:

    its a matter of hype…
    message 4 atif:
    “we know ur popular…. but plzzzzz get ova urself” 😛 😛

  2. bruno says:

    Hope this is just a rumour. The Guy with the Golden voice is suffering from throat cancer. Ironical but true. may be you are not familiar with the name so much.Or you may have heard the name somewhere. But Atif Aslam is not just a name He’s the voice behind many songs you adored ,loved,sang,hummed …

  3. chinky says:

    atif is not my fav singer but the news waz shocking 4 me.he is too younge to die wel it depends on God but … But he is alive.thank god !

  4. kigyy says:

    A REAL LOVE STORY…. a boy is the famous singer.. a girl, luvs him a iot.both r happy 2gether bt after some time girl died by CANCER.the boy get shock after 2 year…the boy becom happy becoz he got CANCER and he will die by the same disease which caused his girl friend death. that person is ATIF ASLAM…..A GREAT SINGER VO APNE PYAR K LIYE GA RAHA HE OR MAR B JAAYEGA APNE PYR K LIYE PREY 4 HIM…

  5. kirty says:

    i cannot believe it ……….. atif aslam is no more alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he had throat cancer and died today morning at 3…………………

  6. milly says:

    Hey guys i just heard tht ATIF ASLAM died due to throat cancer…is it true or just a rumour..

  7. prerna says:

    “Atif aslam is alive ” his brother said to NDTV. People hav uploaded his death from throat cancer rumors on blogs. Don’t believe in any such msgs

  8. rickin says:

    Shahzad Aslam, Atif’s brother and official spokesperson told us. He added Atif too is in shock. Nothing of this sort has happened. Thanks to Allah taala, he is alive and in good health. We also asked him about the reports of Atif having cancer and he said What rubbish. Atif ko koi cancer nahi hai. He’s absolutely fit and fine…

  9. vishu says:

    i cant imagine how the people can speak so rubbish.

  10. aesha says:

    atif aslam is nt dead im still wid him here in pakistan if u dont belive so cum here n c kill those person who is spreading those rubbish “ATIF ASLAM IS NT DEAD FOOLS”.

  11. pop says:

    i dont believe this….God has given u this golden voice n now He cannot take it away……….dont worry….even if u r alryt…i will pray regularly to jesus so that u stay alryt….n live another 60 yrs………healthy n sexy as always…………..god bless u

  12. john says:

    Hi Atif
    lets wish together and grab him from the hands of god..
    let us not let go of another of our loved one..
    let us all pray together…

    All Izz……………. Well………………….

  13. prabhakar says:

    it can’t be true but ur voice is always live in our heart.
    get well soon make the people shocked

  14. nil says:

    Hey…this can’t b true…….he can’t leave us lyk this n GOD can’t do this…..
    I m sure tat this is just a rumour n he ll b fyn….n will rock ur lyf wid his heart throbing voice…….love u ATIF………….n GOD bless u………..

  15. ameen says:

    Atif i love the way you sing and it is horrible to know that you’re in trouble. But i’ll pray for you and i hope that ALLAH will hear my prayer and preserve you with us. You have a lot of fans, i am one of them, i love DOORIE and so many other songs u sang while you could. ALLAH please preserve Atif with us, forgive him for his mistakes and help him be victorious over his illness AMEEN!

  16. nena says:

    Atif Aslam is really a Great singer….
    I don’t wnna loose him…
    It shoud not be true..
    I am praying to GOD to give him my life…
    i’ll pray 2 god dat this is just a rumour not more thn it…..
    Atif is such a nice guy wid fabulous voice…..
    I beg god To Save him…..

  17. delina says:

    i know u will read it some or d other day
    atif plz publicly state that u r absolutely fine
    my heart is all ur and all these news make my heart weak u havent seen me but insha allah when u will u could see my luv fr u in d first sight
    hope dis rumour stays rumour insha allah

  18. kavita says:

    hi … i hope it juss a rumour… bt smewhr in if atif is getting this newz then , y d hell he is not taking ne steps for this ….
    or he should tell to media for his fan..
    plz atif if u geting maah blog or mesg then plz pzl plz pzl clear it out dude..
    love you take care…
    kavita ….

  19. gurmeet says:

    Hie atif,
    Jst dont worie about nething… we r all praying for u here in india… u will b perfectly allrite.. I jst hope dese r all rumors…..
    Get well soon…
    We all LOVE you a lot Atif!!
    Take Care
    Lots of good wishes and luck!

  20. imran says:

    Dont Worry Atif we all are with u 🙂 ….i hope it will be a rumour…cos i knw god can do like dis we all luv u alot nd u know u r the part of aur life… even i can’t sleep with out lisson ur song.. our wishes is with u….
    Bhaijan you dont worry we all r with u… hmm yeh such hai ki u got an injury in ur back bone.. as per the news and media..
    I hope u’ll be fine..insah allah aap jald se jald sahi ho jaoge.
    Get well soon bro.. Allahafiz..

  21. dhanno says:

    every time I listen to ur songs I feel myself in a whole new world of love,romance…and ur voice is jus heart-touchin….and i pray to allah to diminish ur disease and let u b with us forever wid ur tremendous voice…..we all luv u “Atif Aslam”

  22. sefi says:

    i dont think there are people who dosent likes your songs. we will half die if we dont see your throat going on as well as it is right now. we all will pray for you atif . i am sure god will help you . lets check out that god is true, if he is true then we all are praying for you by our heart atif deep heart . you will be ok. god bless you atif . we all are with you.we love you and your songs forever.

  23. katy says:

    wtf.. itz jz a rumor.. nffng else..
    atif iz perfectly alright… he does’nt hav any thing.. itz jz a rumor spread by some bullshet people who jealous of him… coz deres no newz on newspapers n t.v, jz on net, spread by IDIOTS.. let dey got a cancer, dey’ll know atleast d lesson.. beware u fools.. atif has many prays wid him…………

  24. dino says:

    Some things in this world are programmed for well being of the humans. e.g. the temperature of the earth is well suited for us, the atmospheric pressure is exactly same of our body pressure, we depend on plants and plants depend on sun. If any of these things change, the entire humanity will be ruined. Similarly, Atif was created for us. He cannot leave. He will be fine, for the sake of humanity.

  25. Huma Akram says:

    its Too Hard to accept that such a good singer Atiff is Suffering From
    Its really Shocking ..!!
    i Pray to God to Plz Keep him On earth with Us ..!!
    Plz recover him from this serious disease ..
    plz forgive him if he had done something wrong..!!
    plz GOD Get Him well Soon..!!
    its a Prayer & request from all his Lovers and Fans..!!

  26. joy says:

    Atif was rocking singer. He really deserve to grand salute. Aftr cancer he worked too hard n take mega position in indian youth’s heart. For atif…
    Jiya bhi apne pyar ke liye.
    Ga raha tha apne pyar ke liye.
    Ab mara bhi apne pyar ke liye.
    He died but never can go from our heart.

  27. bebo says:

    hey atif…i love u soo much…
    cant even imagine bollywood widout u guy……..
    guys heard dat he iz no more…
    plz allah plz…
    dont do dis to him……
    make his life a lil bit long hez just a youngster …
    hw can u do dis to him….
    atif u have a long life buddy……..
    WORRIED!!!!! WORRIED!!!!!!! WORRIED!!!!!!!

  28. kat says:

    i pray and i wish , he will will get well soon , if he is suffering , and the people who has done this rubish things ” may allah , suffers from the same disease with them ” please stop this , shame on them who has done it . i think u people are not a human beings.

  29. sadhana says:

    i want to kill those who are spreding these rubish rumors.they should not do this???

  30. Deepak manola says:

    Aatif sur ki jaan
    bollywood ki shann hai.
    wo itne jaldi kabhi mar nahi sakta.
    wo mar bhi gaya to wo hamare dil me hamesa jinda rahega.

  31. sidra $ rozy says:

    we wanna to kill those who had spread this rubbisshh news …………….. we lov u sooo much atif

  32. Ajit says:

    I pray for atif bhaiya.he is a one of best singer in the world. When i heard the shocked news atif aslam is no more. My mind was blank for a few time.

  33. Junaid Shaikh says:

    Hi Atif bhai plz get wel soon our ears r jus dieng to heard u nd eyes r 2 dieng 2 see u in India. Plzzz cum soon na……:-D

  34. saurabh says:

    i dont belived, it cant be,we wanna to kill those who had spread this rubbisshh news …………….. we lov u sooo much atif

  35. Honey says:

    i cn’t belive it on this foolish jok plz if you suffreing from some kind of disses then told us.everyone is worry about you.plz bcz its realy socking news.i pray to GOD for your long life.EVER EVER N EVER…

  36. warsi.khan. says:

    I love you atif aslam where are you ?

  37. Kaveri says:

    Hez nt dead…..
    thnk god :)!!!
    i juxt felt like crying after getting the news 🙁 ..
    all r bullshit ,
    i cant imagine hw can pplz even think to spread such dirty rumours..

  38. Anuj Pareek says:

    i am really so shocked that i get this news you are not among us…But I believe the god can not call you so soon…bcz so much people love u more than god…i m angry that whose people they spread this rumours…luv you atif bhiya….

  39. Anuj says:

    i am really so shocked that i get this news you are not among us…But I believe the god can not call you so soon…bcz so much people love u more than god…i m angry that whose people they spread this rumours…luv you atif Bhai jaan….

  40. warsi.khan. says:

    I love you Atif (Kuchh is tarah teri palken mery palkon
    se mila de ansu tere sare meri palkon pe sajade )

  41. gaurav verma says:

    atif i love your voice and your love story is tuched in my heart … i love u………..and your love is true……

  42. Keshab says:

    Bhai atif mujhe lagta ha aap thik ho jao ge. Maine aap ka kuch es thraha gane ko vdo v kiya ha plz youtube ma dhakna (keshab hitz) yea keyword press korke dhakna. Be happy bindaz roho.

  43. ravi says:

    i knw that he suffering from cancer but i cant belive that he dead becoz people loves more than god to atif ………………………

  44. SOPHI says:


  45. honey says:

    hi atif. .i hope it would be a romour. . coz i love ur voice and all r loving u very much

  46. sana says:

    i hope this rumour is just a rumour.nothing can happen to atif.he is d best and atif:I LOVE U!!!

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