Arrest warrant issued again for Lindsay Lohan

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Los Angeles judge Issued another arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan as she failed to show up to court. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel issued a $200,000 bail to avoid being detained after the alarm on the alcohol-monitoring device she was ordered to wear as part of her probation.

The device’s alarm sounded on Sunday when Lohan was attending the MTV Movie Awards. There are two cases when it sounds, If the device bracelet is tampered or person who wearing it consumes alcohol. But it was enough for a Beverly Hills judge to haul prosecutors and Lohan’s attorneys into court Wednesday afternoon for a closed session.

According to sources close to the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing, the alcohol-monitoring device on Lohan’s ankle sent a report indicating the presence of alcohol late Sunday or early Monday after the MTV Movie Awards. Lohan attended the awards and an after-party, wearing pants to cover the device.

District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison says the device was set off by “an alcohol-related violation.” Lohan, 23, was fitted with the bracelet last month as part of her probation case after two DUI convictions.

On her Twitter page, Lohan denies being in violation of bail. “My scram wasn’t set off,” she writes in a series of Tweets full of misspellings, grammar errors and profanity.

The ankle monitor issues an alert when it is tampered with or when the person wearing it drinks alcohol. The SCRAM device checks for traces of alcohol in the air above the user’s skin.

The device was fitted on Lohan’s ankle at the Beverly Hills courthouse. The judge ordered the device May 24 after Lohan the week before failed to show up for a mandatory progress review hearing on her probation.

Revel also ordered that Lohan weekly undergo random drug tests in Los Angeles and attend alcohol education classes. Lohan claimed that she was stuck in Cannes, France, after her passport was stolen.

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