Andrew Koenig Dead – Another celebrity suicide case

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A missing American actor and human rights activist, Andrew Koenig was lastly found as died with hanging his body from a tree in Stanley Park at Vancouver. The 41-year-old Andrew casted on the ’80s sitcom Growing Pains’ as Boner, this role helped him to become well-known. Before two days of suicide, he became missing and wrote letter to his family to begin searching for him.

Due to his acting success, he was getting lot of offers from the TV producers on various acting assignments from different producers. However unexpectedly all of them down in February 2010. For long time, he was feeling depressed and his father has advised that no body should avoid the early signs of depression.

According to report, he hanged himself and committed suicide and his body was found in a park in Vancouver. In a very deep part of the park, he hung himself and the location undoubtedly suggested that he did not want to be found. Depression from long time was main reason behind Andrew’s suicide and his symptoms were getting greater by the day.

The son of actor Walter Koenig and actress Judy Koenig, Koenig casted role as Richard “Boner” Stabone in the ABC sitcom Growing Pains from 1985 to 1989 and best friend to Kirk Cameron’s character Mike Seaver in its first four seasons. He also starred on episodes of the sitcoms My Sister Sam and My Two Dads with the drama 21 Jump Street. For the 1990’s animated series G.I. Joe as Ambush and Night Creeper Leader, he provided a voice. In the 2003, he played role as the Joker in fan film Batman: Dead End. He performed as the M.C. with the improve group Charles Whitman Reilly and Friends onstage in the 2007 interactive theater play The Boomerang Kid.

In his filmy career, Koenig worked gradually behind the scenes in the 2006’s independent film The Theory of Everything. As film director, editor, writer, he also worked for Good Boy (2003) and Woman in a Green Dress and Instinct vs. Reason (2004).

Presently he was working as an editor on a number of films and had been a video producer for the podcast Never Not Funny (2006–2010). He lastly played his role of Vice Chancellor in the film DaZe: Vol. Too — NonSeNse in post-production at the time of his death.

He was also a busy environmental activist and an advocate for refugees from Myanmar which formerly known as Burma. During the 2008, Koenig was under arrested throughout the Rose Bowl parade in California as protesting China’s support for Myanmar’s military government.

Just like his father Walter Koenig who played the character of Chekov in the original Star Trek, Andrew Koenig led a great acting career. An emotional press conference was held by Andrew’s father to talk about him and the reason he took his own life. The case of Andrew Koenig suicide is a few months old but people want know about it.

My son took his own life. He was obviously in a lot of pain,” father Walter Koenig said to reporters at an evening press conference. Walter Koenig said with tears, “If you can learn anything from this, it’s that there are people out there who really care.”

E! Online reported that the Vancouver police were searching for him. He was reportedly staying with a burlesque dancer named Jenny Magenta in Vancouver. She wrote in a Facebook posting that “His parents have contacted us as he hasn’t arrived and they have evidence that he his severely depressed.”

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