Alka is Vijay Tv’s Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 Winner

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The second season of Airtel Super Singer Junior was premiered in 2009. The winner of Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 is Alka Ajith. The idea of this show is to improve the talent and give them some platform to show their abilities. The show was premiered on Star Vijay Channel in which they sing Tamil songs.

Vijay Tv, Airtel Super Singer, Super Singer Junior 2 WinnerDuring the audition rounds, Divyadharshini compered Airtel Super Singer Junior 2. Later, this role was handed over to Divya, a former VJ and upcoming playback singer, who hosted the stage show consisting of the final 25 contestants. Judges of this show are K.S. Chitra, Mano and Malgudi Subha. Famous “Srinivas”, “Sujhata” and “Unikrishann” were included in the judge’s panel. The voice trainer is Ananth Vaidyanathan.

What was the position of the contestants in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2?

As finalists, a strong preference for contestants Priyanka and Srinisha was indicated by consensus on various online forums. Priyanka was a contestant noted for her flawless singing and outstandingly melodious voice, but she was eliminated shortly before the semi-finals. Srinisha was noted for her versatility to sing in any genre of songs but was eliminated in the first round of the semi-finals. Srikanth and Nithyashree came through the wild card. Then, the list finalists are: Shravan, Roshan, Alka, Srikanth & Nithyashree, making it the first time in the competition that 5 contestants will be heading to the finals.

Winners and Prices of Airtel Super Singer Junior 2

At last, Alka Ajith’s name was announce as final title winner and was awarded a beautiful villa worth Rs. 25 lakhs. Shravan was the show’s second runner-up and was awarded a stylish car. And Finalists Nithyashree and Roshan were each awarded consolation cash prizes worth Rs. 2 lakhs. Srikanth was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3 lakhs for being the most popular contestant on the show. Special cash prizes worth Rs. 1 lakh each were awarded to Priyanka and Srinisha. In addition, the show host announced 3.6 lakh votes which seems less than the number of votes during the wild card round. Karthik, meanwhile, announced the total number of votes to be 13 lakhs. The confusion remains!

The winner of the first season of Airtel Super Singer Junior was “Nikhil”. The third season of the show is expected to start in upcoming days. People are waiting for the next season to enjoy all the moments of the show.


  1. kala says:

    “ALKA ROCKS”:-) no doubts!! talent wins always!! :-)

  2. truth says:

    Congrats Alka! u sang v well, u deserve it.Good Luck

    The winner is based on votes. The reason why other state persons have won, is that they have won the hearts of the people of tamil nadu states and also their own respective state – kerela, where their vote base is of a higher number than other competitors.

    There is nothing disappointing to the tamil audience – They all sang very song in tamil like others and proved their talents in tamil. :-)

  3. ramya says:

    nithyashree is the best entertrainer than all………… dthe best fan of her

  4. padma ramesh says:

    Alka has a beautiful voice and talented girl. But the tittle is “TAMILZHAGATHIN CHINNA KURALLUKKANA THEDAL” the tittle should have been changed to “KERALATHIN CHINNA KURALUKKANA THEDAL” Tamil medhu pattre illatha keralites judges aaga vaiththal ippidiththan.Srikanth is not at all worth for the price 3 lakhs.Roshan sang very well. That kutty srikanth simply shouted. why this undigestible judgement.

  5. Jayanthi says:

    Kids you all rocked. There were superb singers, cute singers, entertainers but only Alka and Shravan were the constant singers. They deserve the 1st and 2nd place. Though Alka was a malayalee all what she sang was tamil songs and the way she presented it through her voice was very commendable and she deserves it. Congrats to all kids who made us stun through their performance.

    Vijay TV has created a good platform to bring out the talents. Super Singer Junior 1 was very methodical in selecting the finalist. Having 5 to compete in the finals is too much. There are so many musicians in the industry, let them vote and select the best 2 or 3 and then call for public vote. Also suggest having final finale indoor live not outdoor.

  6. DJK says:

    The TITLE Super singer is not matched for winner,

    Always you emphasize (Thamilazhathin Chella kuralukana thedal and selecting from Kerala)atleast change the title or
    follow your title.
    Alka is good naturally ,you would have kept Aitel super singer chella kuralukana thedal
    anyway vantharai vazavaikum tamilakam.
    Congrates to all 5 Finalists

  7. satish says:

    VIJAY TV is like fuckers channel.they thinking over smart fooling the contestant
    of local many malayalees will they select as host and Title winners.vijay tv always like
    malayalam channel whenever i saw.i really hate lot of malayalees in our shows.who is next senior singer unni or menon

  8. RAVI says:

    hi….iam ravi…though i like the way everyone sings in airtel super singer i dont like the decisions they make and they just encourage the kids and others only for the sake of their ratings and their business..its only the vijay tv crew members what they decide and all votings and all is just rubbish…they are running this program commercially…anyway congrats to alka..dam good voice she has…let god bestow her success throughout her life…

  9. Ganesha says:

    V’nice kids everybody has exalant talant,actualy the price should devided everybody.
    About the produsing of prgm. pl. avoide English werds,English is a good language but don’t mix with tami and try to give as a pure tamil prgm.
    For examble B.H.Abdul Hameed Sri Lankan,v’nice and enjoyable and entertainable program who can able to give us.

    pl. watch his programe and feel the realastic enouncement in tamil language.
    We hope that Super Singer -3 will come to as pure tamil program.
    We have to respect our language before request others to respect

  10. RAM says:

    congrats to alka
    i thought shravan would be the winner he is a versatile singer he is good in carnatic and too peppy song he deserve it and nithyashree alrounder she is entertainer iam a great fan to her last but not least our littlemaster shrikanth is great when alka is compared with these persons in entertaining performance she is surely sub-ordinate people like only entertaining performance i feel the result is not the correct one as a indian i congrats alka……

  11. Kamal says:

    Super singer junior was a wonderful program but
    1)Srikanth got most of the votes.3 laks prize money is not enough for his talent.
    2. what happened to votes? Why was the most popular award given to srikanth? That means he secured the most votes. Fine, the judges and vijay tv played a game what they felt right. God save them for cheating.
    3.why make us waste money on sms when they are deciding the winner?
    4. Srikanth and his parents were not allowed to ask for votes after Srikanth’s second performance. Real cheating, Shame on the anchors .

    My heartfelt thanks to all the singers. THey made this season such a happy one for me and my family. Alka- she is the best. .Srikanth- Prodigy, superb…

  12. Niks says:

    This is Niks from Canada,
    We believe that Vijay TV has absolutely cheated Srikanth. The rules of the competition were to allow the public to vote, but at the end you made your own decision. This is completely unfair by the rules of the game and has stripped away a deserving prize from a deserving contestant. You gave the decision to the public and then make your own decision. Whose idea was this? Why would you waste people’s time by asking the public to vote? Of course talent is important but this kid is extremely talented. But changing things last minute has cheated and likely scarred a deserving child from a prestigious prize. For his age he is a real winner and “Super Star”. Go ahead and change the rules if you are going to do something like this.
    Please note that you are losing the popularity in Canada by doing this. We all hope that you do some compensation to this kid for your damage.

  13. BALAMURUGAN says:

    congradulation for alka,I love ur singing styly.
    God give wonterfull voice in your life.

  14. Latha - US says:

    I didn’t expect this from Vijay TV.I expected so much that any one of the small kids Priyanka, Nithyasree, Srinisha and most popular Srikanth will get the title.But unexpectedly Alka won the title.But actually the People’s winner is Srikanth only.B’coz, he is too small when compared with other contestants.But he came till the finals,so he is the real winner.Srikanth’s parents would have to be very glad to have a child like this.He’ll definitely reach the height more than this,b’coz this stage is very small when compared with Srikanth’s talent.Any way Congrats to Alka.

  15. dharini says:

    Alka Dear, At last you have won the title and the beautiful villa by giving the superb performance in the final. No body will expect this song in the finals

  16. yogaes & mani says:

    good alka u have done it! u deserve the crown

  17. Mouni (from Vayadipuram) says:

    Hi I am Mouni from Vayadipuram…All the children were highly talented..I feel that Shravan should have won based upon his performance in both the songs in the finals..Alka sang the first song most beautifully but the second was also a melody…whereas Shravan’s songs were very good..Actor Karthick cried (his tears were shown) and he admitted..his song was really touching…Srikanth kutty was ,as usual the best for his age…Nithyashree rocked as usual…Roshan was below his normal standards..he is also highly talented..
    Think of children like Srihari,Prasanna sundar,OViya,Vishnucharan,Sahana..they did not get a single pie though they were also very good…SHouldnt they be given some money as they deserved atleat one lakh…?why such a big difference between winner & the rest..?where is 25 lakhs & the second prize?Why the innocentminds of children are corrupted with the idea of money?

  18. jayasree says:

    srikanth performance was best among all , he did much better than all in finals to, roshan was purely luck, instead thy could have given chances to priyanka and srinisha, but judge favour.. judgement. whatever comments we are giving in not even considered, because our judment is not taken for any of the season, every time airtel supersinger winner is malyali pepole nikil mathew, ajish. instead of ajish ravi was too gud on the day of finals to and rest of songs also. i still remember the song he sang before finals, from nankadvul -om shivoham what a vibrating performance, but we can truely see judges also malyali so how we can expect tamil people to be getting selected, atlst we will hope this time we expect a tamilin getting winner.there should be a strict restriction that tamil people alone should be participated, plz make tamiyagathin chella kural thedal ,restrict within tamilnadu dont allow other state. hope atlst this time vijay tv make it clear in what people have in their mind.

  19. Suri says:

    What the fuck!!!!Roshan is my idol!!He shud have won the title. Shravan is a horseface. He looks like an old man. Alka is too bossy and suckish. What the hell she won the prize. Srikanth is a show off!!! Roshan is the best amongst all!!

  20. David says:

    Vijay TV TAMILAGATHIN CHELLA KULANTHAIKAANA THEYDAL this is the title for Airtel supersinger Junior 2 but the programme was dominated by the useless and clumsy Anchor and all the Judges are Malayalee’s but the title is Tamilagathin…………Thedal. the same will never happaen in Kerala even though the Tamil people having quality and talent they would never accept the Tamilian to enter the competition think it over and let this will not happen infuture.Tamilians dont you have any Tamil Pattru Think Think

  21. roja says:

    Super singer junior is best competition…. Nithayashree is best singer among all and very entertainer… the award suited for her.. The title is Tamilagathin Chella Kuralukana Thedal But the winnder is keralist…first change the title else don allow to participate keralist… give chance to win tamil children…..

  22. vijay (Singapore) says:

    I have never missed the show,every monday to thursday between 9pm to 10pm (Singapore time) and as today 19th june we still dont know the final winning results and i am waiting for it but refer to the comments given by the public that the winner goes to Alka which is un beliveable.The winner should goes to SRIKANTH.Absolutely wrong judgement has been made..I personaly know that the votes from my family members and freinds are more then 3000 through web voting and there is a huge fan for srikanth in singapore..UNBELIVEABLE..Thanks for VIJAY TV for such programe and most outstanding show…BUT….wrong judgement has been made.

  23. Narasimhan says:

    Congratulations Alkaa.
    Best wishes

  24. Gladia says:

    superb alka you have done a great job… dont mind these comments you really deserve it… you will surely be the famous singer in future all the very best

  25. Karthika says:

    Hi I am Karthika from Mumbai
    Congratulations have a beautiful
    Best wishes.

  26. A,thirumurugan says:

    the little boy srikanth and nithya sree is the best kid singer of all program. but u selected Alka did so many mistake in starting and ending but she sing is good but not good as other girls program,

    next time u select only the tamil kids only. or as the vijay tv get bad name. in the future.

  27. C.Saran says:

    Dear viewers,

    As we know very well, only Tamilians let the other state people to come up in the life in Tamil nadu. But if we go to the other states, they never allow us to do the same as we do here particularly “malayalies” in south India. Here i am not against those finalists and singer Chitra. We must respect the talented person not thier origin.

  28. Raj says:

    Is the best singer& best performer,i salute for her.

  29. SVARRAM says:

    Alka’s performance was awesome on that day. I expected shravan to win the title. But, Alka’s singaravelan song was irresistible. She deserves the title for that performance.
    Srikant is not worth entering the finals at all. He is not fit to be in the third place. Roshan deserves the third place!

  30. HEMS says:


  31. sree says:

    as many people have the view, finalist selected not by public bt by vijay tv and the channel should nt be allowed in tamilnadu seeing the result track record, partial attitude etc,

  32. Sangeetha says:

    congrats to Alka

  33. premila says:

    I like shravan’s voice .He is the best performer and the best singer.You have a good future.You are the best and the professional singer.

  34. premila says:

    I like shravan’s voice .He is the best performer and the best singer.You have a good future.You are the best and the professional singer.I wish you all the best.

  35. Prema says:

    shravan you are rocked.I really like your voice.It’s professional and your are the best.I wish your future.

  36. G.Shankar says:

    Congrats Alka , you sang very well . You were better than original.

    Great I wish to hear your song again.In which website I can hear it .

    All the best to you.

  37. vignesh says:

    all the 5 kids sang well and all are super singers only no partiality at all thanks to anand sir

  38. v.arasu says:

    hai.alka your verry nice song.again again i want see u programa tks.
    all the best of luck continue
    v.arasu. singapore

  39. VIJAY TV Have Selected MALAYALEES only in their previous super singer seasons also. They purposely make fool of tamil people. They misuse our broadiminded mentality and make money of our foolishness. In future dont waste your money in sending S.M.S for this show.

  40. hema says:

    congrats alka hard works nevr fails…………

  41. hema says:

    congrats alka hard works nevr fails…………vry nice voice

  42. vino says:

    Vijay tv cheated all Tamil peoples by selecting a malayali as the winner of super singer 2 Thamizhakathing chella kuralukana thedal.

  43. Kam says:

    Congrats alka. You are the best. also priyaka not final i and my friends not watching any more vija tv program. most program politics.

  44. S.SUBRAMANIAN says:

    It was very very pleasing to look at Alka while she sang so assault the song of Madam Janaki and especially at this age. VIJAY judgement was nothing but perfect.

  45. Rajagopal. Dubai says:

    Alka mole suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper
    I dont know how to commend ur performance.
    Ella asamsakalum nerunnu.

  46. sangeetha says:

    hai alka i am sangeetha from salem congrats, you are the best

  47. Selvam says:


    I like very much Chella Srikanth… anyway congrates alka kutty…u also sang very well…keep up ur good work….all the best for all 5 finalist….

  48. navilan says:

    all the best alka

  49. KAROLINE says:

    this is karoline. I accept that Alks has a very good voice,but it is not necessary to give a title to a malayali. Is this programme not for tamilians? first of all,why did you allow alka to join in this programme. Otherwise instead of saying”TAMILAGATHIN CHELLA KURALUKANA THEDAL” say”AZHAGIYA MALAYALA KURALUKANA THEDAL”. It’s disgusting..Kindly don’t repeat..

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