Alka is Vijay Tv’s Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 Winner

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The second season of Airtel Super Singer Junior was premiered in 2009. The winner of Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 is Alka Ajith. The idea of this show is to improve the talent and give them some platform to show their abilities. The show was premiered on Star Vijay Channel in which they sing Tamil songs.

Vijay Tv, Airtel Super Singer, Super Singer Junior 2 WinnerDuring the audition rounds, Divyadharshini compered Airtel Super Singer Junior 2. Later, this role was handed over to Divya, a former VJ and upcoming playback singer, who hosted the stage show consisting of the final 25 contestants. Judges of this show are K.S. Chitra, Mano and Malgudi Subha. Famous “Srinivas”, “Sujhata” and “Unikrishann” were included in the judge’s panel. The voice trainer is Ananth Vaidyanathan.

What was the position of the contestants in Airtel Super Singer Junior 2?

As finalists, a strong preference for contestants Priyanka and Srinisha was indicated by consensus on various online forums. Priyanka was a contestant noted for her flawless singing and outstandingly melodious voice, but she was eliminated shortly before the semi-finals. Srinisha was noted for her versatility to sing in any genre of songs but was eliminated in the first round of the semi-finals. Srikanth and Nithyashree came through the wild card. Then, the list finalists are: Shravan, Roshan, Alka, Srikanth & Nithyashree, making it the first time in the competition that 5 contestants will be heading to the finals.

Winners and Prices of Airtel Super Singer Junior 2

At last, Alka Ajith’s name was announce as final title winner and was awarded a beautiful villa worth Rs. 25 lakhs. Shravan was the show’s second runner-up and was awarded a stylish car. And Finalists Nithyashree and Roshan were each awarded consolation cash prizes worth Rs. 2 lakhs. Srikanth was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3 lakhs for being the most popular contestant on the show. Special cash prizes worth Rs. 1 lakh each were awarded to Priyanka and Srinisha. In addition, the show host announced 3.6 lakh votes which seems less than the number of votes during the wild card round. Karthik, meanwhile, announced the total number of votes to be 13 lakhs. The confusion remains!

The winner of the first season of Airtel Super Singer Junior was “Nikhil”. The third season of the show is expected to start in upcoming days. People are waiting for the next season to enjoy all the moments of the show.


  1. Shan says:

    The winner of the first season of Airtel Super Singer Junior was “Krishnamoorthy” and not “Nikil”. Nikil was Airtel Super Singer 2008 and for 2009 it was Ajeesh.

  2. AMBIKA SRI says:

    I love dis program very much…

  3. karthikram says:

    the program was really awesome and one of the best entertainers of the vijay tv..
    the contestants proved themselves on the stage..
    congrats to alka ajith..

  4. ramadevi says:

    congradulations to alka ajith you always rock.

  5. Ram says:

    This is totally insane. how come vijay tv did a great mischief to the parents of the little singers. What happened to the vote list. how many did alka scored and what is the vote did others result about the vote’ clever the vijay tv is to put a live show, so that no one can do anything on stage as it is in front of the big audience.they made every contestant to change the songs what they practiced and forced them to sing the songs what the vijay tv crew selected.

    This is not because i dont like alka or sravan. it is because they ruined the future and hard work of three little kids. there are so many ways to earn money instead of spoiling kids and making them as a marketing tool for there business.

    People should avoid such entertainments here after.

    I love the way those kids sing.i like alka ajith and her perfomance. am not against against the decision of vijay tv and judges.

    Anyway Congrats Alka ajith, you have a very long run. All the best.


  6. sugan says:

    Alka Ajith is a Perfect person to hold the Airtel SSJ 2 Title.

  7. Rajendra says:

    she was amazing i mean the song which she sang in grand final for the challenging round it was really a challenging song (‘singara velan’) i was her fan from the beginning and im also a great admier of her song god bless her and hope to here more from her in bigger stages…

  8. venu says:

    There were many partiality in decisions at various stages of the show by judges. When i thought that the people would vote properly, it was not the case, as in wild card round and in the next stage, Srikanth was declared winner. so where is the transparency in votes polled? very sad that srikanth who is very young and years are there to become a mature singer, he was supported without base

  9. uma says:

    I expected Shravan..But Alka is good singer..My worries is about Priyanka who is really a super singer junior..And Srinisha too.. :)

  10. uma says:

    Congrats to all the winners : )

  11. Priya says:

    Finally the show ended with good result.Yet, Consolation Prize for Roshan and Nithyashree is not at all digestable. Of course the voice quality is much much better than Srikanth.Again Sreekanth’s does not deserve to get a Prize money of Rs. 3 Lakhs,Except for the pity vote!.

  12. Mahi says:

    What a fantastic singing & expression?

  13. RAJA says:



  14. RAJA says:

    Anyway, we congraulate the willing girl

  15. San2 says:

    the winnder of the first airtel super singer junior was krishnamoorthi.

  16. Pretha says:

    Congratulations Alka!

  17. jaishri says:


  18. senthil says:

    All malayalies play the game
    It is shame to the all tamil viewers

  19. Chitra,Mano and Unnimenan all the malayalies have desided to declare a malayalie as winner by parciality.

  20. ezhil says:

    The preplaned parciality based judgement.They are NOT DECLARED the public and Judges Votes.

  21. Sakthivel says:

    The first price Sponcer a malaiyalie
    Most Judges were Malaiyalies and Just the Winner also a malaiyalie….

  22. vinaya says:


  23. sivaranjani sundaram says:

    According 2 me roshan is a winner ,really I LOVE HIM LYK HELL …….chooo chweet voice … 😉
    Anyways congrats ALKA u made d day….. :)
    All r ma fav singers ….:)
    by d w i wantd 2 say 1thing plzzz dnt mistake me coz its true n genuine.
    This is not because i dont like alka or sravan. it is because they ruined the future and hard work of three little kids. there are so many ways to earn money instead of spoiling kids and making them as a marketing tool for there business.

    People should avoid such entertainments here after.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its ma kind request…I M SRRY IF I HURT SOMEONE…….yeah bt its facts watevr m sayin…
    ROSHAN nt only roshan all r goin to rock in ur future…..I’ll pray 4 u ppl…. 😉

  24. sarojini says:

    congratulations alka…. but i want to say that i love roshan singing his voice is very sweet according to me roshan is the bestest in airtel super singer junior……

  25. evangelin says:

    i thougtht that roshan or nithyasree would win but unfortunately alka won anyway congragulation to alka

  26. bala says:

    Super singer junior was a wonderful program but
    1.The anchor always says Tamilagathin chella kural but here we have a person living in another state winning. ( ALKA deserves praise and prize, no doubt).
    2. what happened to votes? Why was the most popular award given to srikanth? That means he secured the most votes. Fine, the judges and vijay tv played a game what they felt right. God save them for cheating.
    3.why make us waste money on sms when they are deciding the winner?
    4.Why the so called MAHAAN Anand viadyanathan not advise the three small singers to choose competative songs?
    5. Srikanth and his parents were not allowed to ask for votes after Srikanth’s second performance. Real cheating, Shame on the anchors .

    My heartfelt thanks to all the singers. THey made this season such a happy one for me and my family. We waited daily for that 9 pm. I bow to all the singers and their parents and I wish them all the best.
    Alka- technical genious. Shravan best effort and great show.srikanth- Prodigy, superb… nithyasree-cute childish voice and complete stage artist who can set the stage on fire. Roshan- best voice( makes me cry).
    Priyanka- Doll with honey voice( she will have a great future).shreenisha- nice, simply superb singing.
    May God bless all of them.

  27. kanagaraja says:

    first of all c s an indian then only c s malayalee….so v r indian so v want to wish her…keep rocking allkaaa…..

  28. Rose says:

    I already knew that they are gonna select alka as a winner…….. this is insane….Priyanka and sreenisha are super singers of the show….

  29. Jose says:

    Is Alka a Mallu? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. joe sri lanka says:

    Congrats Alka! u sang v well, u deserve it.Good Luck

    The winner is based on votes. The reason why other state persons have won, is that they have won the hearts of the people of tamil nadu states and also their own respective state – kerela, where their vote base is of a higher number than other competitors.

    There is nothing disappointing to the tamil audience – They all sang very song in tamil like others and proved their talents in tamil.

  31. Dinesh says:

    Alka you were simply rocked. Nithyasri is good in dance. I like the srinisha,priyanka,sharavan voice very much. Srikanth was little master.

  32. naren says:

    shravan deserves to win the title

  33. mohan says:

    Keralits are winning in every program of Vijay TV’s live shows. Tamil viewers of Vijay TV should avoid such a program telecasted by Vijay TV id they continue this.

  34. Sudha Chandar says:

    Alkas song was too good. It is worth hearing many times. All the best Alka. Wish to hear more songs from you. God bless you.

  35. jennifer says:

    congrats alka ur the most deserving……….lots of love to other contestant too ,may all be blessed be good future.

  36. balakrishnan says:

    dont seperate malayalee or tamil it is music most talented will get first more talented will go for 2nd 3rd etc

  37. Nayini says:

    Alka really deserves for the prize.She is a singing robot.Shravan we love to see u singing.Shravan will be the future SPB.instead of Niithyasri and Roshan Srinisha and Priyanka should be there.Nithyasri is just a performer and she got more votes than Priyanka and Srinisha because of her school.School has done a great job.Its not fair.Even though she came to finals she doesn’t deserve to be in the finals.Judges brought to her the finals to make Alka wins.If Priyanka or Sribisha came to finals then it would have been a tight fight for Alka.So to avoid that they brought Nithyasri.They knew Nithyashri can’t give a tight fight to Alka.Chiththra played major role in this.But any how Alka you are a great singer.There is no doubt.God bless to Alka,Shravan,Priyanka,Shrinisha and Srikanth
    Sahana has an amazing voice.Can you compare Sahana and Nithyashri?Nithyashri doesn’ have a good voice either.All happened because of politics.

  38. Bala says:

    Its not fair.Chithra did a poor job as judge.Mano and malgudi subha did a jalra role to chithra.Dont cheat the people to increase your Trp rating it will suddenly go in a negative sense.Chithra totally spoiled the show.During the finals they didnt give a proper response to the old singer Pp Srinivas a great legend.I better advise the singers one thing chithra,mano and other singers please dont show your faces again in these shows.

  39. Rani says:

    Congrate Alka Ajith…..

    You are a very good talented girl. Wish you all success.

  40. Rani says:

    Now i talk about to vijay tv…

    Pls ignore the price basis competition for kids. Because, in this super singer junior 2 season, you already decided to give the price to alka, but all the talented kids are very very upset. Because they were doing so many practise but you gave the price to alka. I’m not against alka, she is also talented singer. But Actually who is a winner?……… All tamil viewer is know that…. Yes Shravan or Roshan is a winner. Andalso nithyasree also very entertrainer. And one more kid the little super star of super singer “SRIKANTH” is so talented singer in this age. Srinisha, Priyanka, vishnusaran, srihari, sowmya, balasarangan also a good singer.

    Pls manasatichikum, god’ukum payanthu entha program’um panunga. This is my humble request…

  41. pughaz says:

    All the seasons junior or senior only malayalies are winning the show and we also expected the same 1month before itself …!!! what is the secreat behind

  42. pughaz says:

    All the seasons junior or senior only malayalies are winning the show and we also expected the same 1month before itself …!!! what is the secreat behind

    And the mobile voting is just wasting time and money ;————>>>>>>>>>

  43. Janani says:

    Alka always rocks in the show. But my opinion is Roshan only.

  44. harry says:

    PLZ dont waste your kids time on this kind of stupid shows … This is like an match fixing event …AIRTEL and VIJAY TV gain the publicity and Money .. Not Kids who sang on this SHOW .. Parents also entertain this that is BIG shock for me .. This is ur chlid future … So Please think before you participate ……………..

  45. GOPINATH says:

    hi i am gopinath.s airtel super singer junior program was
    very nice i wll watched program is regularly alka ajith was fantactic singer i will big fan for alka ajith an d all the best alka ajith and improve your4 tallant good buy and vijay tv was very fantictic tv iwll watched all program

  46. ravanan says:

    These type of programs are totally fixed. Shravan sang beautifully and the award should ahve gone to Srikanth… why they did not publicise the vote.

  47. suppan da kuppan da says:

    one advise from the legend” stop watching these program and start studying” Life needs to move on and hard work….works..

    so fucking brothers and Losers..start fucking around the plasmas but start tasting your books whioh will reap benefits.

  48. dhivya says:

    Priya i will really kick u if u talk about srikanth CAN u go and sing like that small little 6yrs old boy don’t u be so stupid 2 talk about srikanth.I’ts none ofur bussiness……. if u have gutz u go and sing like that on the stage without any stage fear pa……..

  49. chitra says:

    Injustice done to Priyanka and Srinisha. Vijay TV was so afraid that had given a chance they may overtake Alka ajith. Alka should have competed with those kids and then won the prize then it has value. Now the entire show gives an impact that it is wastw of time.

  50. sowmya says:

    and finally Alka made the day!!she really deserves that! THREE CHEERS FOR ALKA!!

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