If you missed these Activities in childhood then you 100% missed all fun

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As a child we used to so many activities from collecting tazos to writing on a black board. Check out the activities we used to do as a child.

Childhood is the best and the happiest part of life, which once passed never return. As we grow-up we miss those childhood days so much that whenever somebody asks us in what time do we want to go back, the answer is childhood. 90s kid’s childhood was more wonderful compared to today’s children. The reason behind this is technology. 90s kid’s childhood was not much related to technology so they used to do different activities rather than only playing games on PC/gaming console or spending more time with smartphones & TV. If you are a 90s kid than you surely have sweet childhood memories that bring smile on your face. Let’s have a look on activities which 90s kid used to do as a child and really miss them.

play brick game on hand video game
different cartoons
different comic books
CrissCross game
kid riding a bicycle
dried fevicol on hand
flame game
fountain pens
handmade birthday greeting card
kids playing hide and seek game
kids playing cricket
Laser light keychain
colorful marbles
super mario game
name place animal thing game
nokia ringtone composer
kid flying paper airplane
kid floating paper boat in rain water
different types of pens
kid playing in sand
kids playing LEGO
raja vajeer chor sipahi game
snake game on nokia phone
kid making soap bubbles
kid throwing stone in water
tazos collection
girl writing on a black board

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