100 Cr loss in Kites and Raavan movie 2010

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Everyone was waiting for Raavan movie when it was not released. No one would have expected such bad performance on the box office for mani ratnams’s big budget flick.

The most looked forward to film Raavan have not done well and have proved to be a double blow to the common producer of the films, Reliance Big Pictures.

According to sources, the company has lost a 100 crore in the bargain. These movies are doubted to get more loss, due to expansion of torrent sites are offering pirated copies of the movies.

Trade analyst Amod Mehra says, “I am sure the loss is more than Rs 100 crore. It is a huge loss for the company, which expected a lot from the two big movies. It’s difficult for Big to make more than Rs 50 crore from Raavan, including the Tamil version. So that means a clear loss of Rs 50 to 60 crore there. Earlier with Kites they lost about Rs 60 crore,”.

Raavan movie has not released DVD yet and people are getting pirated copy of  Raavan Movie 2010 from torrent websites. It will be add more loss to this company.

This huge loss might affect the company’s production plans for the future. Vajir Singh, Executive Editor, BoxOffice India, confirms, “I don’t think this would be a huge setback for a company like Reliance. But they might go a little slow on production right now. Two failures, though huge ones, can’t be such a huge setback for the company.”

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    i thing mr.Manirathinam also going to follow the footsteps of his brother GV. It is good for India If whole family follow the footsteps of GV

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