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Currently, the student webmail of Phoenix University is not working. Many Students of Phoenix University are facing great difficulties login on to their accounts today mostly due to heavy traffic-do not fear the administrators should have the issue resolved very shortly. The proper reason of login Glitch has been not found right now, but according to some report, site of University of Phoenix is updating web mail page to provide more convenience facility to their students.

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By webmail service, students get information about their report card, exam timetable, course related details, etc. Nowadays, student webmail service has become very popular in students. The new address of is which has changed since late June of this year. The college has been renovating itself as of lately by spending millions on the new site and a sleeker logo where the famous bird rising from the ashes is now facing forward, not backward.

University of Phoenix Student Web is one of the best services of the, from where students get their education related information like their report card, results, attendance sheet, exam time table, etc.  Students of Phoenix University use this service after logging in the site with username and password which is given by university.

The University of Phoenix (UPX) is a commercial institution of higher learning. It is fully owned subsidiary of Apollo Group Inc. With a student body in North America, it became second largest state university of New York. Currently, it has enrollment of 420,700 undergraduate students and 78,000 graduate students, or 224,880 full-time equivalent students. At the official site of Phoenix University, it gives full information about its courses, online services, etc.

The university has over 200 campuses around the world and gives degrees in up to 100 degree programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, masters and doctoral levels. University has an open enrollment admission policy except requiring a high-school diploma, GED, or its equivalent. For advanced placement, school offers associates or bachelor’s degree applicant’s opportunity by its Prior Learning Assessment, which apart from previous coursework, college credit can come from experiential learning essays, corporate training, and certificates or Licenses.


  1. Sean Mitchell says:

    I just logged onto the ecampus site and I had no problems getting in. It’s possible that it might be a regional issue.

  2. Amanda Green says:

    I try to login and it just refreshes itself back to the main login screen.

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