Top 10 Princeton Review Party Schools 2011 Announced

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The Princeton Review Party Schools 2011 list was announced on Monday 2 Aug, 2010. The University of Georgia gets the number one position as well as Ohio University places at the No 2 in the list. Here, we mentioned the Top 10 Princeton Review Party Schools for 2011 year, according to the new 2011 Princeton Review Party Schools List.

Top 10 Princeton Review Party Schools 2011 Announced

Every year Princeton Review unveiled list Top Party School. After surveying over 100,000 students from schools across the country about their experiences in college, they collecting the data and then rank everything from academics to financial aid to dorms. They gathering the information about alcohol and drug use on campus, how much time they spend studying, and Greek participation on campus from the college student.

Princeton Review is not just about the measure the party schools, but it measures all that you can think of when it comes to universities. There are around 373 colleges are measured and all got rank. The Princeton Review actually ranks schools on 62 different criteria. Some biggest categories are happiest students, most accessible to professors, and even the most liberal students.

In the “2009 Top Party School” list, the University of Georgia (UGA) was fourth but this year it is ranked number one American party school. Other schools that attempted high on the list of Princeton Review Party Schools for 2011 include Ohio University at the number second, Pennsylvania State University at number three, West Virginia University at four, University of Mississippi at five, University of Texas at six and University of Florida at seven.

Pennsylvania State University which was once ranked as “2009 Top Party School” is down to No. 3 and in “2008 Top Party School” the University of Florida was on top now fall on the No 7 in list of Princeton Review Party Schools 2011

List of Princeton Review’s Top-10 Party Schools for 2011:

  1. University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia
  2. Ohio University – Athens, Ohio
  3. Pennsylvania State University – University Park, Pennsylvania
  4. West Virginia University – Morgantown, West Virginia
  5. University of Mississippi – Oxford, Mississippi
  6. University of Texas – Austin, Texas
  7. University of Florida -Gainesville, Florida
  8. University of California – Santa Barbara, California
  9. University of Iowa – Iowa City
  10. DePauw University – Greencastle, Indiana

The complete list of Princeton Review’s top party schools for the 2011:

  1. University of Georgia
  2. Ohio University
  3. Penn State
  4. West Virginia University
  5. University of Mississippi
  6. University of Texas at Austin
  7. University of Florida
  8. University of California – Santa Barbara
  9. University of Iowa
  10. DePauw University
  11. Florida State University
  12. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  13. University of Alabama
  14. Sewanee – The University of the South
  15. Indiana University – Bloomington
  16. University of Colorado – Boulder
  17. University of Missouri
  18. University of Illinois
  19. University of Maryland
  20. Michigan State University

2011 Princeton Review School Rankings:

  • Top Party School: University of Georgia
  • Stone Cold Sober School: Brigham Young University
  • Happiest Students: Brown Univeristy
  • Professors Get High Marks: Reed College
  • Most Beautiful Campus: Sewanee
  • Best Campus Food: Bowdoin College
  • Dorms Like Palaces: Bryn Mawr College
  • Great College Town: Columbia University
  • Best Athletic Facilities: University of Maryland
  • Best College Newspaper: Yale University
  • Reefer Madness: University of California – Santa Cruz

Princeton Review Less Honorable Rankings for 2011:

  • Least Beautiful Campus: New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Dorms Like Dungeons: Tuskegree University
  • Least Happy Students: Fisk University
  • Professors Get Low Marks: University of Illinois
  • Long Lines and Red Tape: SUNY Purchase


  1. weebly says:

    It seems like this, the University of Georgia School of truly world-famous, but still a good school, the environment will certainly poor, students will be an enormous pressure, able to live a prestigious school, not a simple innovation, but more importantly, This caused great stress

  2. Lewis says:

    It seems that this guy is a recent graduate.

  3. seminole1 says:

    I have traveled and partied at many different colleges around the country including the university of Florida and the university of Georgia and I can honestly say no one has come close to the utter lunacy that takes place here at fsu. The party life is insane and the academics are exceptionally amazing. Speaking of, the writer of this poorly worded, error filled article is either autistic or didn’t attend any of the 373 universities the Princeton review surveyed. Go noles! Top party school coming at you next year!!

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