The school District of Palm Beach Will Open on Wednesday Despite of Storm Warning

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In spite of storm and flood warnings Palm Beach County schools have planned to open on Wednesday. District officials announced the storm and flood is expected to turn into Tropical Storm Nicole. After-school activities changes will be made on Wednesday whereas the schools will be open in the first half. The parents are requested by the School officials to make sure their children are dressed up in robes that are appropriate to travel in monsoon as it might be raining when they get out of school Wednesday afternoon.

The school District of Palm Beach

The officials from schools have consulted the National Weather Service as well as all the emergency operation centers thus inferring that it will be nothing but rain event. Nat Harrington, a district spokesman said, “School buses can operate safely in sustained winds of up to 40 miles per hour.” He added, “The National Weather Service is expecting sustained winds of 25 mph to 35 mph, with gusts up to 47 mph”. All through the evening and overnight officials will persist to monitor the storm and if there will be any change in the school or bus schedules, the Web site of the school district will be upgraded and the media will be notified.

The School District of Palm Beach County – SDPBC is the eleventh biggest public school district in the United States, and the fifth largest school in district. For the 2009-2010 school years, Palm Beach Central has about 2,937 enrolled students. The staff of the school is devoted to provide a safe learning environment that endorses intellectual and career growth. The aim of the school is to offer a comprehensive and advanced scholastic program that prepares all students for college and/or career employment.

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