Maharashtra state board announced SSC NIC results 2010 on

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The Maharashtra State Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board has declared the SCC or Class 10 results 2010.It will available on it’s official website

In a statement released on 7th June ,Monday, 2010, The Maharashtra State board did not specify particular time as to when the results will be published but only mentioned that they would be published online ‘soon’.
You can check ssc result 2010 of Maharashtra state board from official website of The Maharashtra State Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board (

Maharashtra SSC Results 2010, Maharashtra State Board

10th Results links is give below :

These SSC Results are also said to be available via in sometime soon, though the report is not yet confirmed.

The Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board conducts the SSC and HSC examinations.

The board announced the HSC exam result on May 25.


  1. SUNIL T V says:

    Pl let me the date of SSC result.

  2. pravin limbe says:

    when is online ssc result 2010,please confirm it.

  3. delna says:

    pleas send me the SSC examination result my number is E029204

  4. sapana says:

    please send me the SSC examination result my number is E087643

  5. gopal dagwal says:

    pleas send me the SSC examination result my number is E130577

  6. manjiri says:

    please send me ssc reasult date .

  7. kedar chandak says:

    Pl let me the date of SSC result

  8. Aishwarya says:

    Tell me when I can see my ssc 2010 exam result on net.

  9. shooom says:

    please tell me whwn will be the result declared of ssc board of Maharashtra

  10. radha lote says:

    plz plz tell me the date and time when the result will be announced.i m tired of it now. my no. is h001143

  11. Akshy Sanjay lavand says:

    Pleas send me the ssc examination Result my number is FO66083

  12. kranti says:

    piease send me ssc result date

  13. omkar kulkarni says:

    the ssc results will be 99% declared on 10TH june 2010

  14. MANOJ PATNI says:


  15. sonam says:

    sonam therani says that she will fail in ssc exam because she fall in love with chakka.

  16. ranjeet says:

    the result is on 15 june 2010

  17. gulshan says:

    please tell me when will be the result declared of s.s.c board of Maharashtra

  18. HITESH says:


  19. Aishwarya says:

    When will be ssc results declared?

  20. klpesh says:

    plz declaire fast re baba i wnt to knw my 10th results dude

  21. bala says:

    my borther 10th resuits in maharslt. mumbal pls

  22. Amit pramod kamble says:

    Result posponded because i want more vacasion enjoy frnd happy holliday

  23. aishwarya says:

    when will be ssc result get declared

  24. arya says:

    when my elder sister will get her mark list

  25. Joshua rajan says:

    Plz tel the result sooner anku babu my no. Is E047486

  26. shrutik says:

    plz tell me the my brother ssc exam result

  27. sachin jadva says:

    year fail mata karan ………….
    i will not feel bad but, my fathere & mothere I;ll feel

  28. As per the statements
    We are announcing the SSC results on the 25th of June
    Keep Visiting our website for more updates on results
    If the dates are changed, we will be announcing 2 days prior to the resuts

    Thank You

  29. Aftab Khan says:

    what is The Maharashtra State Board Of Education doing? they teach us to be punctual n what about them??? They are only unpunctual? because of their laziness students are facing lots of problem . So please say the exact date

  30. Tejaswini Shintre says:

    Plz snd me d Dated of d result

  31. when will ssc results is to be declared!!! plz yo be hurry bcoz i’m a cbse board candidate and i’m hurry to get admission in junior college in pune so plz hurry and give the date of the result so we can get the ticket soon and in cbse board i’ve got 79.8%.

  32. piyush786 says:

    I am also waiting for the ssc results.I think it will be on 25th or 26th of june 2010.

  33. chetan says:

    Plz snd me d Dated of d result

  34. MANISH BHOSALE says:

    PLS. Tell me s.s.c result.

  35. Sanjeev says:

    When are the results for 10th going to be announced/published?

  36. ekta says:

    whn r d ssc results gng 2 be declared……

  37. Marina says:

    plz snd my result as fast as you can.

  38. khan naseem says:

    ssc result today only at 11:00 am hrs……

  39. tejas haresh vagal says:

    when are the cut off list of colledges to be declared.

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