Kent school district 10th grade scores announced

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The state school’s office every year in the month of August releases test results of approximately one million students. Kent school district 10th grade scores have also been announced.

The main purpose of releasing Kent school district results is to check whether the students have improved their overall scores or not. Outlier schools are considered as the major motivational force of success.

This was the first year when the Washington students gave new tests and this year was slightly different. These tests are the High School Proficiency Exam and the Measurements of Student Progress. The previous Washington Assessment of Student Learning was replaced by these tests. The state schools’ chief Randy Dorn said he though a positive increase in the scores will make the tests look very easy while a decline would make it look too rigorous. That’s why Dorn was seen quite happy and pleased as he feels the students will find it easier this year than the previous one.

Multiple executive information systems for casual users, as well as decision support systems with increased functionality for power users are being developed by Kent School District. Initially, about one hundred people will use the Seagate Holos system. Eventually, there could be more than 3,000 users, from district administrators and school principals to classroom teachers, even including students, parents and community members when Web deployment is complete.

The Kent School District is the fourth largest school district in Washington with 38 schools and approximately 25,000 students. The Kent School District is developing systems that provide entire and effective information for internal decision-making and external communications. The increased analysis and reporting requirements is fulfilled and reported and requirements are evolving at national, state, and district levels throughout the United States.

40 schools (28 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 2 academy schools, and 4 high schools) are included in the Kent School District. It is the 4th largest school district in Washington with 26,891 enrolled students. 3,389 staff members are employed in the district of that 1,687 are teachers.

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