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JNT University Hyderabad on behalf of APSCHE has declared EAMCET 2010 Results.  EAMCET marks can be viewed by EAMCET 2010 Results at (EAMCET results andhra pradesh)

EAMCET 2010 rank is not announced but it can generate through EAMCET rank predictor or EAMCET 2010 rank estimator. Rank Predictor or Estimator can be checked by following url :

It was reported that currently EAMCET 2010 rank estimator / predictor is not working properly.

Students can check results or marks of EAMCET 2010 exam from official website of APSCHE (

Check out the details about : EAMCET Medical Counselling 2010


  1. nishanth says:

    i scored 59 in eamcet ….n in ipe i scored 500…..nd i am an oc student……..would u pls tell me wat ma rank would be……….

  2. kiran says:

    i got 89 marks in engineerung
    IP markes 593/600..plz tel me wht is my rank

  3. sainath.b says:

    i got 68 marks in eamcet and 543 in ipe plz tell my rank


    i got58 marks in medicine
    IP markes 488/600..plz tel me wht is my rank on my email

  5. rajesh says:

    i got 67 marks in eamcet exam.
    i got 505 in groups out of six hundred.
    what would be my rank.

  6. swathi says:

    u will get it.dnt wry cngrates yaaaaaaaaaaaar

  7. jyothirmai says:

    i got 50 marks in eamcet and ipe marks are 355/600 and i belong to bc-d category. what will be my expected eamcet rank?

  8. king says:

    i got 108 in eamcet and 578 in groups . what is my rank

  9. kranthi kumar says:

    sir i have scored 72 marks in EAMCET and 553 in IPE.could i know my rank

  10. rakesh says:

    i got 56 marks in eamcet.and i got 522 in inter kindliy reply me wat is my rank may in yours observation.

  11. jagannath says:

    i got 89 marks in eamcet and secured 574 marks in ipe out of 600….what about my status?????

  12. suhasini says:

    i got 122 marks in eamcet which rank i will get i want the information from u pls.

  13. chaitanya says:

    i got 62 marks in eamcet and 520 marks in ipe in groups plz tell me whts the rank i will get?

  14. jesse manohar gundi says:


  15. priya says:

    i got 99 in eamcet medical and 23.7%in ip i belong to bc-d category so what rank i will get

  16. pradeep says:

    i got 94 marks in eamcet and 576 in groups what rank i will get

  17. anupriya says:

    sir i got 90 in medical stream and 548 in groups plzzzzzzz send my rank to my mail address

  18. raj says:

    i got 107 marks and i got 579 in groups plzzzz send my rank to my email address

  19. madhuri says:

    i got 59marks in eamcet& my ipe score is 539/600 plzzz send my rank & to which clleges i am elgible

  20. jagadeep says:

    I got 110 in eamcet& 591/600 in groups. which rank can i get.

  21. prt says:

    i got 132 and in ipe i scored 595 wat would be my rank

  22. chiru says:

    i got 112 iun medicine and in ipe i scored 533 wat would be my rank

  23. D SRISRUJA says:

    I got 133 marks in eamcet .My IPE marks is 577/600.What is my rank?

  24. ram teja says:

    i got 66 marks in eamcet and 552\600 what will be my rank

  25. radha says:

    Hi,I got 68 marks in eamcet and 536/600 in IPE plz sy me which rank can i get. . . . .

  26. sasidhar reddy says:

    eamcet marks 87 586/600 in

    but how much rank i will get ?

  27. ramya sree says:

    i got 70 marks in eamcet and 860 in intermediate can i know my rank. kindle send me sir.i am bc candidate.

  28. neethu says:

    i hav got 89 in eamcet 475 in ipe..and i belong to bc d group and i have got ncc c certificate were do i stand in my medicine counseling…can you please help me out

  29. SREEAVINASH says:


  30. dinesh says:

    sir, i got 62 in eamcet and 512/600 and im an mpc student.could u plz tell my rank

  31. jeevitesh says:

    sir i got 76 marks in eamcet and my ipe marks are 547/600 sir can u please tell me what will be my rank with ipe weihtagte

  32. iman arif says:

    i scored 77 marks in eamcet and 477 marks/600.can u plz tell me what would be my rank with ip weightage.

  33. pratyusha says:

    i got 120 marks in eamcet and 598 marks in IPE which rank i can get

  34. ajju says:

    i got 66 in eng stream and 540/600(22.5) in groups please mail me my rank

  35. arfathh says:

    i got 52 marks in eamcet and secured 435 in ipe,bc-e category,plz plz mail my rank

  36. varma says:

    eamcet 71 ipe 518 tel me my rank

  37. madhu says:

    marks 63 in eamcet 400 in ipe plz tel my rank

  38. chandu says:

    i got 66 in eamcet and secured 463 in ipe my category is oc, can u pls mail my rank

  39. tinku says:

    I got 95 marks in eamcet and 530/600 in ipe my category is oc,can you please mail me my rank

  40. preethi says:

    i got 98 marks in eamcet and 554/600 in ipe plzzzzz mail me my rank and my category is oc…

  41. sai says:

    i got 61 in eamcet &574in ip

  42. sai says:

    i got 61 in eamcet &574in ip can you pls mail my rank

  43. chinnu says:

    i got 107 in eamcet and 567 in ipe.can u plz tell what would be my rank and i belong to bc-d category.

  44. sanjana says:

    i got 67 in eamcet &530/600 in ip i have BC-A reservation can i know wethere can i get the seat in hyd narayanama girls college & i want to know my rank

  45. ravali says:

    i got 73 in eamcet and i got 466/600 in ipe what rank would i get please tell me

  46. azeem says:

    i got 66marks in eamcet and 534 in ip pllzzzzz tell me my rank wich u expect…………………

  47. teja says:

    i got83 marks in eamcet and 571 in ip please send my rank

  48. ramya says:

    ive got 121 in eamcet medical stream and 538 in ipe
    mail my rank

  49. c.srinivas says:

    respected sir,i got 91 marks and i have 23.7%in ipe eng

  50. c.srinivas says:

    dear sir i got 91 marks in eamcet and 23.7%in ipe please give me your estimate rank in engeneering and send your reply to my mail

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