Boys Hope & Girls Hope Expanding to Serve more Students

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A non profit organization, Boys Hope and Girls Hope is based in northwest Detroit and operates two homes, a single for boys and a single for girls. Boys Hope and Girls Hope have organized a new campaign by which they hope to expand their reach.

During the week, about a dozen young people live at the two homes and have been hold grateful for residence chores, as well as completing homework. So, distant each chairman that has completed the program, we’re told has gone on to college.


The campaign has orderly a brand new debate and the main aim of the newly organized campaign is to offer more opportunities. To serve more and more youngsters, the campaign has centered around three million dollars.

Behind the non profit organization that has been around for 25 years and has extended a helping hand to hundreds of young people, the folk is hoping to increase their reach.

“The children that we serve have experienced things that children should not have to.  We show them a future they didn’t know they could have”, said by Patti Poppe who is executive of Boys Hope Girls Hope.

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