Southern California Edison offers Fuel Calculations for Plug-In Cars on site

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Southern California Edison (SCE) has unveiled Fuel Calculations for Plug-In Cars on website. The new Fuel Calculator calculates existing costs of prospective electric vehicle (EV) “fueling” and that will effect on an electricity bill. Customers of Southern California Edison also get other details such as vehicle type, location, daily power usage and mileage or expected time of day use.

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison is an Edison International company that includes in nation’s largest electric utilities. The company serves their utility almost 14 million populations by means of 4.9 million customer accounts at a 50,000-square-mile service area in Central, Coastal and Southern California.

SCE’s Fuel Calculations presents the Plug-in Car Rate Assistant spits out an estimated monthly charging fee. Fuel Calculations is make easy to compare saving among a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. The utility devices of the company are described as Plug-in Car Rate Assistant.

Following the presenting details like zip code location, daily household power usage in kilowatt-hours, vehicle type including plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery-electric vehicle, yearly mileage, and the planned charging time in on- peak or off-peak, the Plug-in Car Rate Assistant provides an predictable comparison of the average monthly electricity and gasoline bills.

SCE’s manager of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness, Steve Powell gave advice to customers for trying out the rate assistant tool of company to perceive how much they could save by driving an EV.

In addition, Powell considers that EV drivers have to be educated about the different on- and off-peak rates that each individual energy provider charges. He suggests, ” The online car rate assistant will provide an idea of the bill impacts and the benefits of charging electric vehicles during off-peak (9 p.m. to noon) hours. It’s important for customers to understand the advantages of the various rate plans.”

At Southern California Edison’s plug-in vehicle website, the information about plug-in vehicle is available that helpful during the purchase of an electric vehicle and a description of the utility’s efforts to prepare for the arrival of electric vehicles. On the website, customers can also get the first of three planned educational videos that listing necessary steps for getting ready plug-in.

Customers can also contact to utility company for talking about vehicle selection and charging preferences, and search electric vehicle rate alternatives on a Southern California Edison representative at 1 (800) 4EV-INFO, or 1 (800) 438-4636. The customers are provided three rate alternatives from which to decide such as their standard residential rate, switch to a single time-of-use rate for the entire house, or add a second meter to track the electric vehicle energy usage on a separate rate.

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