President Barack Obama Will be in “The Education Nation” Show

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From today onwards, President Obama is appearing in a live interview on “The Education Nation” show with Matt Lauer for weeklong NBC series to discuss about education in this nation. If anyone has any queries for Obama, then they can submit queries to answer live on the show. For submitting queries, just visit the Education Nation website which is located at and fill out a form. It is not possible to answer all questions to the President, but many good one will be chosen.

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An event and week-long television broadcast, NBC’s first “Education Nation” is sponsor by Raytheon Company. To improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and to ensure the country’s future technology and innovation leadership, the effort of the company is extended by the sponsorship of Raytheon. Next week, a two-day summit in New York City is included by the “Education Nation” which is attended by policymakers, elected officials, executives, educators and others involved in the nation’s education system.

During the summit, Topics covered will include readying students for the 21st century workforce, technology in education, teacher development and the impact of politics on education, among others. “Raytheon is pleased to sponsor NBC’s ‘Education Nation’ as a way to further emphasize the importance of providing American students with a world-class education so that they are prepared to help our nation remain a technology and innovation leader in the future,” said Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson. “We all have an opportunity to work together to support this very important educational mission.

Raytheon will exhibit its MathMovesU® program within a “Learning Plaza” in New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza as part of its support for NBC’s “Education Nation”. The motto of the MathMovesU is to inspire a critical age group middle school student to get excited about math and science. The “Learning Plaza” is an interactive public exhibition designed to present some of the most exciting innovations in the American educational system. The “Learning Plaza” has been opened from 26th to 30th September, 2010.

Raytheon “Math Hero” award-winning teacher Bridget Bohnet and MathMovesU ambassador Jennifer Gray from Clearwater Fundamental Middle School, Fla., will also be on hand to showcase the company’s MathMovesU website and how they effectively use the free interactive math site in their classrooms. On Tuesday, September 28, 2010, Bohnet and Gray will present in the Learning Plaza’s “The Educator” gallery at 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Highlights of the event will include:

Summit With Top Leaders In Education: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Harlem Children Zone’s CEO Geoffrey Canada, and President of MIT Susan Hockfield will be among those in attendance at the Education Nation Summit.

The Student View: The Summit will be covered by the Scholastic Kids Press Corp from the student perspective.

Interactive Exhibits: The latest tools and technologies used in award-winning classrooms across the country will be on display in Learning Plaza.

Multi-Media Coverage: During the entire week of Education Nation, “Nightly News,” “Today,” “Meet the Press,” MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo,,, and will highlight stories in education.

Teacher Town Hall: On 26th September, 2010 NBC’s Brian Williams talked with thousands of teachers on-air and online about critical issues facing educators.

Special Appearances: The Summit will feature several presentations from guests which include a speech on improving the lives of children from U.S. General Colin Powell, Founding Chairman of America’s Promise Alliance, and Alma Powell, Chair of America’s Promise Alliance.


  1. Bill D. says:

    This issue, though a real one, has been ginned up now for democratic political purposes – and in a very time specific way. Let’s hope people have a clear memory as to how our schools and society got into this present educational swamp.

    This ‘crisis’ will not be solved with money – we’ve already heaped trillions upon it, and it has only gotten worse in the last 40 years in spite of all that taxpayer money. I’d like to see a courageous public figure ask the real question and tell the politically incorrect truth – for once!!

    As long as everybody keeps fabricating excuses for the failure in our schools, this problem will never be solved, no matter how much money is thrown at it.

    Some 40 or so years ago, in a gesture to be ‘inclusive’ ‘affirming’ and create that ‘everybody is a winner’ atmosphere, we gutted morality, behavioral expectations and academic requirements from our schools – so that ‘everybody’ could ‘pass’. It didn’t work and never will if we follow the same course. Please somebody tell the truth – for once.

  2. The political parties solve all of their problems with money that ends up costing us more. But hey if they put it into education i cant feel to bad about it.

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