POSB Internet Banking Login guide for Singapore users

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Refer POSB Internet Banking Login guide, which is provided to the convenience of Singapore users. POSB iBanking users will get more than 85 services online.

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About POSB

Before merged with DBS Bank in November 1998, POSB served as a major public bank, the Post Office Savings Bank, offer low-cost banking services to Singaporeans. Post Office Savings Bank was launched by the British Government on 1 January 1877 in the General Post Office Building, in Raffles Place. It is a sort of consumer banking services offered by DBS Bank in Singapore. In Asia, DBS-POSB is one of the most presumed international banks. POSBank was acquired by DBS Bank in 1998. POSB offers Internet Banking, a free service to allow their customers access entire banking features online.

POSB Internet Banking

POSB offers internet banking services to its consumer banking services with more convenience. Applying for internet banking services is very easy, it takes your only few time. POSB Internet Banking was formally known as a POSB iBanking. You can apply for POSB iBanking at POSBank branch in your area or apply online at bank’s official website by submiting POSB iBanking application form online.

Apply at POSBank

The applicant must have an account at any of POSBank branch. To apply, fill out and submit Internet Banking application form at the bank branch, where you have account. On the day after you submit an application form, you can start using DBS Internet Banking. It means, the users are eligible to use Internet Banking on Tuesday, if they submit an application form on Monday. Once you finish your application process, you will receive POSB secure User ID and PIN that can be used for login to online account management.

POSB iBanking Features:

  • Apply for new services
  • View past statements
  • Contact customer service
  • Monitor accounts for suspicious activity
  • Save on cashier’s cheque fees and more
  • Access accounts 24 hours a day from any computer
  • Track and manage expenditures
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • And much more

How to Apply?

POSB account holders can apply for POSB iBanking online and get UID & PIN immediately. The bank provides a confirmation on the status of their application on the spot. Within one week of their application, they can get the POSB iB Secure Device through post.

There are three easy ways provided by POSB to apply for POSB iBanking,

1. Apply Online

All of you need is your ATM/Debit Card and PIN for following Process:

  • Apply for iBanking Access
  • Reset iBanking PIN
  • Print iBanking User ID
  • iB Message (Apply/Update)

Submit POSB iBanking application form online at bank’s official website and receive POSB User ID and PIN.

2. Apply at DBS/POSB ATMs

Visit any of DBS/POSB ATM in your area and follow the below steps:

  • Insert card and enter your ATM PIN
  • Select “More Services” and then select the language of your choice
  • Select “PIN/iB Message Service”
  • Select “Apply for iBanking PIN”
  • Enter your choice of a 6-digit iBanking PIN

Then you will get your temporary iBanking User ID printed on the ATM transaction receipt. You can also apply for iB Message at the ATMs as well at the same time,

  • All of you need is to select “Continue” key available in your mobile or message pager number.
  • Click on “Enter” and then you will be directed on the ATM transaction receipt, where your iB Message mobile number will be printed.

3. Apply by Mail

For applying by mail:

  • Applicants must have a minimum one personal or joint DBS or POSB account – DBS Autosave/S$, Current/Savings PLUS or POSB Savings/Current account.
  • All applicants must be over 16 years of age.
  • Those applicants, who are re-applying for POSB iBanking Services, may be able to re-use the DBS iB Secure Device that was previously issued to them.

At the same time, you can also apply for iB Message at ATM by retaining the ATM transaction receipt with User ID.

You will get the POSB iB Secure Device and Registration Code within 4 working days of the application. Once you receive security device and registration code, you should login to iBanking and register your POSB iB Secure Device.

For login to access internet banking, user will need the POSB iB Secure Device that will be posted to the primary account registered mailing address, within 1 week of their application. Individual account holders are applicable for applying online.

Login Guide:

To get started POSB Internet Banking, first of all login in at bank’s official website, enter your user ID and pin, and click on “submit” option.

For more help or inquiries about an application form, call at 1800 222 2200 (or +65 6222 2200 from overseas) or by email on [email protected]


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