New Facebook privacy changes coming, Privacy setting will become more simpler

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted in a Monday column that “we just missed the mark” and promised “a simpler way to control your information” will arrive soon.

With more and more security issues and malware appearing on Facebook day by day,  CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally reacted to the heightened scrutiny his website has come under recently. Since the social networking site’s privacy settings are confusing many users, which potentially leads to weak security, Zuckerberg told press members that his team is working to make them easier to use as soon as possible, the Telegraph reports.

In recent weeks, the networking giant has experienced several glitches that have exposed privately posted information, with the site’s new instant personalization feature taking a brunt of the criticism. Websites in opposition of Facebook have launched, encouraging users to move away from the popular web surfing destination.

Zuckerberg told the Washington Post that “there needs to be a simpler way to control your information”. He also stated that “in the coming weeks, we will add privacy controls that are much simpler to use”.

The founder and CEO also explained that his site is free to use and users do indeed have the ability to control what information they relay, post and hide, speaking to the continued critics of his site’s security.

The social networking site has more than 400 million registered users worldwide, with more than 25 million logging on from the UK as of April, ClickyMedia reports.

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