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Many potential surveys agreed that 52% consumers were comfortable by opting advanced online banking tools. Now, it is crystal clear that consumers value the ever-increasing functionalities and advantages of the online banking system. Almost all their bank works gets completed within seconds, just by clicking the mouse. This online banking system can save lot of their time that was wasted in visiting to the bank, waiting in a line! Now, consumers can do their banking anytime, anywhere using computer or smartphone from the workplace, home or traveling. Also, they do not have to follow the narrow bank timings, as online banking offers facilities of the bank for 24X7. One of India’s leading state-owned banks, Union Bank of India, also offers variety of free online services and features to satisfy the needs of its thousands of customers without any hassles. The bank offers online banking solution, so that its valued customers can reap all bank benefits, such as time saving, higher satisfaction of security, easy and convenient banking transactions, no late fees for bill payments and many more, at their best.

Login Guide for Union bank Online Banking at

It seems time wasting when you are standing in bank line, just to know or to get the transaction details of your bank account. No more waiting in lines, you can do this directly, even for 24×7 days online. UBI offers great convenience by its online banking system, so that users can access their account anytime, anywhere and for all banking purpose.

On the Welcome screen of the, view the option of Internet banking services clearly and separately at left side box. If you want to access the page directly, just make your visit at This directly brings you towards the numerous online benefits offered by the bank. The bank does not charge any fees for using Online Banking facility, all those customers who have an account with Union Bank of India are entitled for using Internet Banking facilities.

Retail customers and Corporate customers can get separate sign up process. webpage is truly dedicated to its users, as it offers User’s Guide & Demos option for getting smooth access to the variety of free online services and features. Even, users can get guidance in their national language Hindi along with English.

Generally, banks offer ID and password to users for getting access through online banking. But, UBI provides one of the strongest and unique features of Self user creation, wherein users can get a chance to create their own User ID and password. The bank provides this feature just with a view of higher level of security and privacy. Even, bank never asks for the details of your account/PIN/password, it means there is no chance of any fraud. Only ATM Card Holders can get advantage of this facility, as users compulsory require five things (given below) for Self user creation,

  • ATM Card number & ATM PIN number
  • Account Number that is linked to your ATM Card
  • Birth date or PAN number (Either must be accessible for the above account at branch)
  • Info of any 1 out of last 5 transactions for above account
  • Your mobile number & e-mail ID ought to be present for above account at branch

In case of Self user creation, make sure that user can register merely once for single ATM Card.

The bank also offers 2 Factor Authentication signup process for the higher level of Safe & Secure e-banking. But you have to install latest JAVA on your system if you want 2 Factor Authentication. Even, the bank offers direct option to install JAVA for your browser at the login page. Thus, users can conveniently and directly go for 2 Factor Authentication. UBI is fully conscious in terms of security, as it recommends users to use its virtual keyboard while they are accessing from a public place. That’s not all, so many safety measures or points are available for customers to protect them from unexpected phishing and fraud.

Transferring amount is very easy and fast process at this UBI page, users can conveniently transfer their amount to third party or to their other UBI accounts within seconds only. Just login at the page and click on Transfers, instantly, you can view 7 options for transferring. As and when you click anyone of them, it is good to register your beneficiary at first. Moreover, you can get 5 direct options regarding beneficiary list, wherein you can add, confirm, view and importantly transfer to anyone from the beneficiary list. The same Transfer page also has the options of Status inquiry, pending and unapproved transfers, RTGS payment history, etc. Registration process for RTGS payee and any other beneficiary are the same.

Regular Tax payment is necessary for any corporate body, whether it is small or big. UBI allows direct option of tax payment to its users. Here, they simply need to generate Direct tax challans at first. Afterwards, they can pay their tax effortlessly through this online payment facility. Not limited to the business world only, but UBI also allows convenience to users who are majorly connected to the household activities. Fast and direct bill payment is the main advantage for such kind of people because it is compulsory to pay bill on time otherwise they will be charged for the late fees.

Online Bill payment can be made for different leading organizations, and they are also categorized in terms of their provided service. It means they can get many options for Utility companies, Telecom companies, Insurance premium payments, Mutual funds, Donation payments, etc.

Those days are gone when you trade manually, Union Bank also provide modernity by offering Online Trading Facility. For this, it is connected to Sharekhan,, and Religare brokers. All these make you trade in the comfort of your home or office and no need to give Cheque / Drafts. The bank also offers the net-based facilities ‘Easy’ & ‘Easiest’ that provided by CDSL to all Demat account holders. users are very lucky to use Simple, Safe and Smart way for applying any eligible issue through ASBA. By simply login, users can also send Requests and Mails to the bank directly.

There is no doubt that UBI Online banking system is integrated with exclusive and efficient features but it has sometimes problem while login at the page. Unfortunately, login can be possible in Internet Explorer only. As runs on JAVA script, any other browsers like Firefox, Opera and others cannot work.

Good points:

  • Users can access their bank account anytime, anywhere and for all banking purpose
  • Retail customers and Corporate customers can get separate sign up process
  • It offers User’s Guide & Demos option for getting smooth access
  • Users can get guidance in their national language Hindi
  • Unique feature of creating their own User ID and password
  • Bank never asks for the details of your account/PIN/password
  • Offers 2 Factor Authentication signup process for the Safe & Secure e-banking
  • Virtual keyboard to protect users from unexpected phishing and fraud
  • Generate Direct tax challans for paying tax anytime, anywhere
  • Online Bill payment can be made for different leading organizations
  • Provides modernity by offering Online Trading Facility
  • Book air ticket and railway ticket online
  • View or take a print of account statement
  • Check Account/s transaction information
  • Direct and Indirect tax payments
  • Transfer funds to your own or third party accounts
  • Through NEFT/RTGS, transfer funds to other bank accounts in India
  • Utility bill payments like telephone bills, electricity bills, mutual fund payments, insurance premium payments, credit card payments, and so on

Bad points:

  • Only ATM Card Holders can get advantage of Self user creation facility
  • Self user creation registration is limited to one ATM Card only
  • Installation of latest JAVA is compulsory for 2 Factor Authentication
  • Login can be possible in Internet Explorer only

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