ING Login Guide to use ING Online Banking

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All of us earn money with our hard work and spend this money for our daily needs. We also save a part of this money in our bank accounts for our future. These days almost every bank offers online banking services to its customers so that they can save not only money but also their time. Online banking helps us to manage our money in a better and faster way. ING is one such bank that offers online services. ING DIRECT is the name through which ING Bank operates. Since launching in the United States in 2000, this federally chartered savings bank has become the largest direct bank in the country. The bank also operates in Australia, Austria, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany and United Kingdom. Before using online services, one must be aware of the proper way to use it; otherwise it may become a risk for your hard earned money. If you are an ING customer then some details given here may help you as an ING Login Guide to use ING Online Banking.

ING Login Guide to use ING Online Banking

The ING login is part of the online banking service which can be used through a computer or mobile phone with internet accessibility. This service depends on the unit or division, which provides that particular service. For example – in Romania and Belgium, the customers have to login at the Home Bank page to access the services while in Canada, USA and some other countries, they have to login at the respective ING Direct page of the country.

Customers can login on to manage their money and banking transactions online. This service allows you to access and manage their respective orange savings, 401K retirement account or any other type of accounts; no matter whether you are an individual or a business. You can also view your account information, view transaction history, check balance, transfer money from one account to another, and much more. To enjoy the freedom of online banking service from anywhere, the user must have a valid Customer number or Saver id. After registering on the website, you can start enjoying these services.

ING login page is the web page where you can start various online banking activities. It is protected by security and encryption system. As the services of ING are distributed worldwide with different modes and schemes, the login systems for various online services are also varied. Even the level of security system used for login purpose is different. It is very important to check these requirements before you start using this type of services.

To register on the official website of ING Direct, go to the page and click on ‘OPEN ACCOUNT’. Select the type of account which you want to open. Click on ‘OPEN NOW’ or ‘APPLY NOW’. Now you will get the instructions to open an account. After you are done, you can login to your account. If you are already a registered user then click ‘View my account’ to sign in. Select ‘banking’ or ‘investment’ in the ‘sign in to dropbox’. Enter your Saver ID or Customer Number and click ‘Continue’. You can also hide your text if needed. In case you have forgot your ID, press on ‘Forgot your Customer Number?’. You will have to enter your Social Security Number, permanent address, zip code, date of birth and Primary Phone Number to get back your ID using this tool.

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