HotSchedules Login Guide to access Employee Scheduling Online

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Create your account at and manage your restaurant’s schedule, staff’s duty swap and easily handle to inform everyone with update alert message.

Any restaurant has to make sure every staff member stay alerted with important details so that no holes occur into the scheduling. Usually scheduling on papers takes more time and excess time to inform everyone with latest changes. Hotschedules is an emerging idea to prepare scheduling online with easy to navigate tool. Hotschedules helps employee in scheduling, paperless hiring, e-Learning. HotSchedules is the best approach to handle service, support and labor management of any small or big scale restaurant workplaces. Check out brief information about how you can use HotSchedules to improve your restaurant’s management.

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HotSchedules (Intuitive, Web-Based Scheduling & Communications): Every employee has some sort of personal work for which they ask for extra leave on working days. Sickness also makes drastic change in schedule at the last moment and it becomes tough for manager to check out which staff member is free to work more. Hotschedules is best method to manage availabilities, time-off requests, employee certifications and the daily roster. Message your team about scheduling, important notes using single platform or via email and text message alert method. Hotschedules also helps to make web-based scheduling as well as advanced sales forecasting integrated with POS system.

GoHire: Restaurants always have turnover of employees and it makes condition worse for managers to higher other staff on short notice. With the Hotschedules, you will get easy access to trained staff at least cost. This online recruiting service includes paperless hiring and on boarding solution, one-click advertising on variety of job boards, applicant tracking, and the ability to electronically sign and store documents.

Schoox: It is a social e-learning solution provided by hotschedules. It helps to create personal custom academy that includes feature-rich learning environment. It helps every employee to continue training and development for successful future.

Mobile Apps: No matter if you are away from the office, you can always get currently updated details of your office’s schedule. Hotschedule has mobile app that gives you all the information you are waiting for. With application, manager can check out all the shift approvals and can make digital red book entries.

Flare: It is a special add-on custom component that helps to enhance hotschedules solution to fulfill specific needs of each customer. You can pick up your personal planner idea into the hotschedules to do better management of your hotschedules.

Highlights of hotschedules:

  1. It has ability to manage and create schedules easily
  2. No paperwork required
  3. Access to all staff members and managers to check-out schedules online or in phone 24×7
  4. Last time management of shift trades, swaps or employee schedule request become easy
  5. Instant confirmation of schedule changes by Web, phone, SMS text message
  6. Easy and powerful reporting capabilities to track and analyze labor and control overtime
  7. Easy interface with major point of sale, time and attendance system

Steps to create account at hotschedules:

  • Visit log-in page of hotschedules
  • If you already have account at hotschedules, then enter username and password in appropriate window
  • If you are first time visitor, then opt out for sign up by clicking on “sing up her” link
  • Follow the instructions to complete online entry form
  • Submit form to start using benefits of hotschedules


  • Time saving
  • Paperless work
  • 24×7 access to schedule
  • Update schedule on last minute and get access online or via mobile
  • User-friendly
  • Best for all kind of restaurants, hospitals and other organizations that needs honest and big staff
  • Online learning opportunity for staff
  • Online and easy hiring process for management

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