City National Bank Online Banking: Login, Bill Payment & Online Manage Guide

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The esteem of net banking continues to soar; it seems that about one in four people prefer online banking for saving valuable money and time. E-banking is recognized as magnificent tool that makes banking service cheaper, faster and easier. One side the exploit of online banking is increasing more and more, while on the other hand many refuse to employ e-banking service due to the threat of security attacks, identity theft and site outages from being hacked. But now, people don’t need to worry about theft of personal data, as the high tech security features has included into the online banking site for protecting customer data from prying eyes and computers. When we talk about the e-banking service, we can not miss America’s City National Bank that also offers internet banking service to their valued customer for accessing financial service for 24×7 from their home, work place or also during travelling. When your busy life keeps you away from the bank, at that juncture online banking service works best for accessing and managing your accounts at anywhere, anytime with internet-ready computer.

City National Bank User Login Guide for internet banking to take benefits of online banking services like online payment, view balance/statement, apply for loan and many more..

No need of standing in the long queue for getting transaction details or to make entry into your bank passbook as well as writing checks and hand calculating checkbook, because online banking allows for automatic bill pay, getting online statement, transfer money between nationwide accounts, etc. Los Angeles based City national bank is the 25th largest bank in America offers full complement of banking, trust and investment services to the resident of America throughout its 78 locations. Moreover, it also works as a processing bank for giving back office service like checking account processing and check clearance services for smaller local banks.

City national bank offers cutting-edge services for developing the banking business rapidly. The advantage of cutting-edge service (online banking service) can be accessed just by browsing service page from welcome screen. It directly connects you at numerous benefits of online banking service without taking any charge for it. All those, who have accounts in the city national bank, are permitted for getting benefit of online banking service through its official page.

Generally, User Id and password must be required for using online service, in the case of online banking service, it is provided by bank to their valued customers. But city national bank offers self use creation as an online enrollment so that customer does not need to visit bank location sending request for user ID and password for e-Service. Clients have to pass though five simple steps for online registration. They can register either using their check card or checking account information. With check card enrollment, you can obtain instant access, while with checking account; you have to wait at least 3 to 5 days for activation the service.
Online enrollment is not finish with the selection of methods, but you have to follow several other steps – entering account information, create user ID and Password, agree terms and condition, select bill payment and online statements services if you want it, etc. & Online registration is not enough for using e-banking service, but you have to activate your service buy login in the site after the registration. The intent-based free access service enables users to view their accounts activity, pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, and more on their personal City National Bank accounts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at convenient time.

You have to require some selected computer hardware and software for using online banking without worrying about identity theft. You need AIBM compatible or Macintosh computer with a modem, internet connection, Adobe Reader version 6.0 or higher and window XP, Vista, or Mac operating system. Clients are also able to use Enhanced Sign-on Security to protect them from fraudulent online activity. With Sign-on Security, you can set picture and phrase along with security questions which need to be answered before entering your Password. Security sign on works best while using public computer.

No matter which account you have, as online banking allows you to view checking account, saving account, money market, certificates of deposit, loans and credit cards. Some online services are chargeable for business accounts like paying bills, transferring money between two accounts, etc.

Viewing account balances, transaction activity, online version of your paper deposit statements, as well image of cleared checks is easier and fast with City National Bank e-banking page. User can view up to 13 months of checking and savings accounts transaction history as well view up to 18 months “Online and Paper” statements of saving, checking and money market account. You can also order checks for your money market and personal checking accounts. With the online statement, you can view details like Current and available balance, available balance after each transaction, date of transaction, all cleared transactions, check number, name and location of the payee, etc.

Time has gone to transfer money between two accounts by writing check on behalf of the account, because Account-to-account transfers has become possible with online banking service. One of the most important things of online balance transfers is that you can set up schedules for one time or repeating transfers between saving, checking, eligible loans, money markets and lines of credit accounts.

Customers of City national bank can set up alert features for saving time on your online account every two or three days. Set up Alerts sends notification of balance, specific check cleared and other important information at your email address, so you can reduce the hassle of account checking.

Online payment can be made at this CNB page. You can send payment to utility companies, mortgage holders, credit card issuers, or also your gardener. In addition, it allows users to enjoy shopping service. With pay bills feature, you can schedule future dated or recurring bill payments from checking account and it is available for client of personal accounts. As part of bill pay service, CNB also gives an expedited payments option to expedite the time it takes to receive your payment to its recipient. You are also enabled for creating bill pay reports. Users of City National credit card can view credit card account balances as well as set up one-time or recurring credit card payments.

Sometimes, people remind the mistake after sending the check; if you are engaged with online banking, then no need of worrying about wrong payment because with e-banking service, you can stop payment of check after sending request. Overall, CNB offers easy access for banking service to their valued customers. For some complicated yet convenient online services, it takes little charge. It takes $9.95 from personal account and $14.95 from business account for online account access with bill payment & speed up.

Good points:

  • Users can view account balance anytime and anywhere
  • View up to 13 months of transaction activity
  • View up to 18 months online version of your paper deposit statements
  • View cleared checks images
  • It displays statements with current and available balance, date of transaction, all cleared transactions, check number, name and location of the payee, etc.
  • Transfer funds between checking, savings and money market, loan and credit card account
  • You can do registration with security questions
  • Set up alerts for all important information like specific check cleared, balance, etc
  • You can set up scheduled for one time or repeating transfers
  • You can send payment to multiple payees as well create payment reports
  • Credit card users can view account balances and activity and also set up one-time or frequent credit card payments.
  • Download your account history in numerous file formats
  • Stop payment of check by sending simple request online
  • It offers Expedited Payments service

Bad points:

  • Takes little charge for its complicated yet convenient online services

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