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India has majority of investors involved in stock market. Investors are true gamblers. Everyday, they play with the risks of profit and loss. They always keep their eyes on different sources available to watch market figures. Nowadays, internet is considered to be the most reliable source of information. There are innumerable websites that represent the stock market news. But is the official site availed by BSE. The media plays an important role to connect Investors to the market. To trade the stocks, investors have need of knowing the perfect rate of the stocks listed in the stock exchange. Any mistake in the display of current rate of listed stocks affects the profit of the investors. Real Time BSE' site Indian Investor

Indian corporate sector has grown up due to a well-organized wealth raising stage provided by Bombay stock exchange from more than 135 Years. It is the first stock exchange of India and second in the world that has received the certification from SEBI. To protect the hard-earned investments of investors, the Department of Investor Services was set up in 1986. SENSEX, the BSE Index is the most popular Stock Market standard index of India. Exchange traded funds, Futures and options, mutual funds, new IPO releases, daily trade and many such investments are carried at BSE. Moreover, BSE has proved itself to be the 5th most active exchange for handling the number of transactions through its electronic trading system in the world. BSE is one of the top 10 exchanges all over the globe in case of the market capitalization of its listed companies. The arbitration process between Trading Members and non – Trading Members is assisted by BSE. BSE assures investors that their investment is safe in the market.

After the entry of BSE Online trading system, has proved itself to be the most efficient mode of trading. This site is an efficient mode for the investors to trade quickly and earn profit at every moment of the day. Through its online trading system, investors can enjoy service of trading in derivatives, equity and debt instruments. BSE deals with its customers all over the world through its well – renowned site. This site provides updates of market, public issues, latest news, Guidelines for investors and many more. It helps the investors in matters like clearing, risk management, settlement, market data services and training. SENSEX figures, prices of stocks of listed companies, latest news about listing of companies as well as all corporate announcements are displayed 24×7 on this site.

If anybody misses to watch the market prices within the market hours then it can be reviewed on this site. Pre-open values, live reports like gainers, losers, top volumes etc. are available here. To review the End of the day reports, periodic updates and other historical updates of equities are easily accessible on this site. Based on the market capitalization, the listed companies of BSE are divided in different groups like Blue chip, B-group and C-group companies. Live indices of scrip, monthly report of scrip, and other related data is available on this site for manipulation. Even graphs of index are provided to people so as to manipulate the performance of the day, week, month or quarter.

One can access the activities like information about listed companies, corporate filings etc. As well, any company can register itself in BSE by means of and following all the terms and conditions of it. Any information regarding membership of BSE is easily reachable at this site. After being a member, investors can upload weekly newsletters, FAQs, equity information, Research reports of listed stocks and other related information from the site. Share holders, sub-brokers and Remiser can register themselves online in BSE by following the given rules and procedures.

Information like equity segment, derivative segment, notice related to scrip and companies are available on this site. This site is more useful for Investors. The most exciting thing is that registration is not necessary to access the stuff available for the investors. Free research reports are obtainable easily on this site. Other options obtained are Arbitration awards and information about it, Investors grievances, Investors Awareness program etc.

Current program schedule, current certification schedule, list of test centers, online training programs, online registration and other training options are facilitated here. The products and services available here help to acquire valuable data about Stock trading activity including traded volumes, traded prices and trends. Along with SENSEX, all other indices are calculated from the trade data. The information like financial results, major announcements and shareholding pattern of listed companies are updated regularly. BSE Plus is the latest feature availed by BSE for those who would be interested to associate themselves with


  • Research reports available to investors without registration
  • Accessible Online trading system
  • Provides information about IPO, FPO, Mutual funds and other such investments present
  • Offers latest news connected to the stock market blinks 24 hours
  • Information about Public Issues
  • Guideline for Investors
  • Online Membership at BSE
  • Changes in Sensex Index, Nifty and individual index of all the listed stocks are displayed instantly
  • F&O options available
  • Reviews of Investigations and complaints about companies
  • Current program schedule
  • Provides list of test centers
  • Offers online training programs

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