BBBank Online Banking : Features of BBBank for internet Banking

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Instant banking solutions is needed for a superior lifestyle in today’s demanding world. Start banking in a better way if you find managing finances and paying bills a chore. BBBank’s Internet Banking service provides you full control over your bank and credit card accounts online. Anyone can do most of their banking online with lots of available options. Both businesses and individuals can advantage from changing their accounts to the online range. Convenience is said to be one of the key advantages of banking online, however it is not the just one. There are several reasons to bank online, from saving your money, being more environmental in your way of life, etc. Avoid the bank queue and make transactions from the convenience of your home, or work by using BBBank online banking. You just require a PC with Internet access. Take a look here at the different features of BBBank for internet banking.

BBBank Online Banking : Features of BBBank for internet Banking

As a self-help organization for civil servants, BBBank was founded on November 1921 while the official business was started on 1 January 1922. The headquarters of a cooperative bank, EG BBBank is located in Karlsruhe. The BBBank is listed among the 100 leading banks in Germany and it is the sixth biggest German credit union. As well, it is one of the great banks of Europe members with total assets of 7.2 billion euros and above 380,000 customers (2011). The BBBank is represented with 103 stores in 10 states and serves customers and members of 3 approaches: the service bank, the advisory bank and the direct-banking. In today’s BBBank, Bank officials, the Hessian, the Southwest German bank officials, the Badische Bank officials, Cologne bank officials, the Bavarian bank officials and Schleswig-Holstein bank officials have amalgamated.

Several features offered by BBBank internet Banking includes Payments, Electronic bank statements, Overview of the current credit card sales, Product sales, Secure communication among you and the BBBank, and Individual page design of “My e-banking.” The three major things you require to use BBBank online banking are an activation of your checking account BBBank, a 128-bit SSL encryption (as per standard, this is included with all present browsers), and the approval of the COOKIE “” (must not be done automatically on the browser side). If you have any queries about their online service, then you can call on Telephone: (0721) 141-515 or Fax: (0721) 141-15 15. One can also email at [email protected] When you visit the official website (, you will see two options on the center of the homepage – offers for public service and offers for private customers. In order to use online banking service of the bank, click on ‘online banking’ option located at the top-right corner. Then you will be directed to the new page. To assign your own user ID (“Alias”), enter the VR-NetKey or Alias and PIN number in the appropriate fields and press ‘log on’ option. The “Alias” is 7 – 35 characters long. Pros: 

  • Offers service to both public service and private clients
  • Just a PC with Internet access makes worldwide banking possible for you
  • Take benefit of different features like Electronic bank statements, Product sales, etc.
  • Registration and login process easy and simple to follow

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