Tropical storm Alex grows in the Gulf of Mexico

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Tropical storm Alex is again moved in the Gulf of Mexico late Sunday after dumping heavy rains on parts of Central America and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula that left at least four people dead across the region.

Tropical storm Alex grows in the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical storm Alex grows in the Gulf of Mexico

Alex was headed on a path with highest continued storm of 45 mph (75 kph) that would take it to Mexico’s eastern coast around midweek. Its route was still well clear of the huge oil spill in the Gulf.

“The storm will strengthen further over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and could become a hurricane within 48 hours” said the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

Because of Tropical storm, Alex made landfall on the beach of Belize late Saturday but weakened into a depression as it conceded over land across the Yucatan Peninsula. It gone land and entered the Gulf Sunday afternoon.

Tropical storm Alex grows in the Gulf of Mexico

Earlier, Alex flooded parts of Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula with downpours and forcing hundreds of tourists to run away resort islands. When the storm made landfall in Belize on Saturday night Winds were at 60 mph but had decreased to 35 mph by Sunday morning.

According to the national disaster-response agency, “the rains prompted a landslide in northwestern Guatemala that dislodged a large rock outcropping, killing two men who had taken shelter from the storm underneath”.

Guatemala and Belize Authorities were constantly observing on rising river levels. Western Belize Bridge was completely flooded and wounding off a remote Mennonite community.

1400 people fled for the mainland by plane and by boat at storm shelters which was opened by Belize officials. But the Noreen Fairweather said on national radio that there were no reports of injuries. People who took refuge in storm shelters were returning home.

Belize City resident Miguel Chan told APTN that “The weather came, but it was just normal rain, little gusts of wind and nothing much”.

Alex was centered around 470 miles (755 kms) east southeast of Tampico, Mexico, and was touching west-northwest near 7 mph (11 kph). The center said its rains could reach the Mexican states of Tamaulipas or Veracruz late Tuesday and Wednesday.

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