Teenage Girl Dies in Amusement Park Ride at Barcelona El Pendulo in Spain

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In Spain, a 15 year old teenage girl died on Amusement Park Ride “El Pendulo” in Barcelona. The park ride broken in midair. In this accident the girl died, other three people were injured, two teenagers were admitted in hospital with severe injuries, and a young boy left the scene with minor injuries.

The El Pendulo ride is situated in the Tibidabo amusement park. “El Pendulo” is described as a long articulated arm where riders are taken up to 124 ft height and from that height they are dropped in a free fall reaching 60 mph within 2.8 seconds and as the riders reach the bottom the arm it takes them through an arc of 50 meter.

The accident occurred around 7:00pm when all four victims were riding the “Pendulum” and part of it fell onto another attraction the “Gold Mine” which was empty at the time. When the Amusement ride’s mechanical arm broke, the basket carrying the teens fell on top of the ride known as “The Golden Mine.”

The park’s website explains El Pendulo as “the ultimate free fall and the first of its kind in Spain.” For the past four years, this ride has been in operation and it is recognized as one of the park’s main attractions.

According to later reports, the park managers had a warning that all was not right with the ride after operators reported a “strange noise” at about 3pm. The ride was closed while an inspection was carried out by the maintenance team. After running the ride successfully without anyone on, it was declared in “perfect working order” and opened again to the public just ten minutes later.

The “El Pendulo” was started at the amusement park since 2006. When the accident happened, there were about 4,000 visitors in the park. After the accident of El Pendulo, the amusement park remained close on Sunday for the investigations.

According to Sara Jaurriete the park’s director, “ the mechanical arm of El Pendulo (The Pendulum) broke and the basket carrying the teens fell on top of the ride known as ‘The Golden Mine’.

Witnesses said that the base of the ride gave way, and the whole ride collapsed, sending the passenger carriage crashing down onto an adjacent ride called the Golden Mine.

Before the accident just three and a half hours, maintenance workers were called to the ride because it was making strange noises. Workers checked and tested the ride for 10-15 minutes, then reopened it after they could not detect any problems.

Till now, the name of the sufferers has not been declared.

Barcelona spokeswoman Rosa Diaz said, that a young boy who was on the ride suffered minor injuries, but walked away from the twisted metal on his own.

Video of El Pendulo ride from Youtube:

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