Peace Restored in Thailand

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After Continuous violation and four days after a deadly military crackdown Peach seems to be restored in Bangkok. Military troops cleared most of the area occupied by Red shirt protestor, as they were in stock exchange, a luxury shopping mall and television station, and also spreads to other parts of the country. At least 6 protesters died in open fire and break through barricades. Total 85 people died since the first violence flared on April 10.

Thai Prime minister said “Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a ‘Welcome back to the Land of Smiles, let’s go shopping and invest in Thailand’ speech,” However night-time curfew, from 11pm to 4am, remains in force in Bangkok.

Government has not cleared about election or political program yet. Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in south Asia. There are 13 million foreign tourists count dropped against the estimate of 16 million.

The political divide between the north and the rest of the Thailand was plain during the post-coup elections in late 2007, the last vote held in Thailand. Overwhelming support from the north and northeast propelled the pro-Thaksin People’s Power Party to victory, while the rest of the country backed Mr. Abhisit’s Democrat Party.

Korn’s appearance at the event underscored the concern within Thailand’s business community and around the world about the effects of the demonstrations on the country’s economy. As the week limped to a close in Bangkok, analysts, scholars and business leaders were trying to figure out whether the images of luxury shopping malls set ablaze by anti-government Red Shirt protesters were a symbol for the Thai economic future.

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