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A tornado devastated the Town of Eagle in Waukesha County on Monday night. Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki says there are flattening six houses in Eagle, damaging others and causing at least minor injuries. Law enforcement is asking all civilians to avoid the Eagle area, due to live electric wires and trees in the road.

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department confirmed a tornado touched down in the Town of Eagle around 9:16 p.m. Trawicki did confirm some residents have already been rescued from their basements. No deaths have been reported, but there were some minor injuries.

Winds in excess of 70 mph that were reported shortly before 9:30 p.m. were blamed for extensive tree damage and downed power lines throughout the area. More than 40,000 We Energies customers were without electrical power early Tuesday, mainly in Waukesha, Racine, Milwaukee and Jefferson counties.

During the night hours sheriff deputies and firefighters are conducting a house to house search of the effected area. So far rescuers have confirmed five houses were either completely destroyed or flattened, but Trawicki says nobody will know the extent of the total damage caused until sunrise.

“About 9:16 p.m., we did have a confirmed tornado touch down in the town of Eagle. It looks like we have no fatalities, some minor injuries, lots of trees and power-lines downed,” said Sheriff Dan Trawicki of Waukesha County.

Trawicki also said there are regions of Eagle that are still not assessable until heavy machinery can clear the way for rescue personnel.

“I heard some crashes, which I was assuming was some of the siding or possibly the tree coming down on the back-side but, It was a lot of storm and I was just hanging out int he basement,” said Kristi Stenlund, who lives in the condominium. “This is the worst damage I’ve seen here and I’ve lived here for a long time,” she said.


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