Meet Largest Family in The World

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Have you ever heard that a man has 39 wives? The amusing tale is certainly right for Ziona Chan who lives happily in the hilly village Baktawng of Mizoram with his 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren under one roof. Ziona Chan’s family with 167 members may be the largest family in the India and also in the world.

Ziona chan has Largest Family in The World

The 66-year-old, Ziona Chan is living in a 100-room, four-storey building named Chhuan That Run or the House of the new Generation that is located on the middle of Baktwang village’s hills in Mizoram with 167 family members. Ziona regards himself as lucky husband of 39 women.

In the interview, the head of the family Mr. Ziona Chan said, “Today I feel like God’s special child. He’s given me so many people to look after. I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world’s largest family.

The whole family carries out almost military discipline with the oldest wife Zathiangi in every works. All members are working jointly and also coordinating each other in household chores like cleaning, washing and preparing meals. The family follows ‘mutual love and respect’ system.

Mr. Cahn is leader of that sect which gives permission to members to marry as much as they want. There are almost 4000 members associating with his religious sect. Most of the sect members live in Baktawng village and some have also a separate place called Baktawng Tlangnuam while numerous also resides in Aizawl and other places. All members give one tenth portion from their monthly income and this portion is used for the community development. Initially, the sect was founded on June 12, 1942, since that day the sect members celebrate June 12 every year.

Meet Largest Family in The World

Mr. Cahn married first time at the age of 17. He married to 10 women in a single year. His all wives share their husband bed in turns. A young wife sleeps close to him and the older wives sleeps away. It is very surprising thing that his all wives live very happily with each other without causing any problems. Chan’s eldest wife Zathiangi Chan has responsibility to control the family organization. Ngaihzuli Chan is favorite wife of him in the large family.

The 35-year-old Chan’s wife, Rinkmini described that before 18-years during the morning walk Mr. Chana noticed her and sent proposal for marriage through letter to her and she accepted. She said, “We stay around him as he is the most important person in the house. He is the most handsome person in the village.

Even married 39 times, he is continuing to seek for further wife. He claimed, “To expand my sect, I am willing to go even to the U.S. to marry.”

As per Mr.Chan’s sons, Mr.Chan’s grandfather had married many times. His 59 year old eldest son, Parliana clarified that his father mostly married with poor and orphans women of the village. “By supporting him in his work, I feel close to God,” he said. Parliana is also following his father way but it is not easy for him to break the record his father. Presently, he has 2 wives and 13 children.

He is owner of a school where his children and grandchildren studies. Currently, he has also playgrounds, carpentry workshops, farms for pig and poultry, fields, and a quite large vegetable garden where they grow food for the entire family.

Meet Largest Family in The World

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The reports says that a one time meal of whole family have to 30 to 35 kg of pork, 59 kg of potatoes boil, and cook 99 kg of rice.

Mr. Chan’s all sons and their wives and all their children have different rooms in a four-storey building, but all uses a common kitchen. All wives cook meal whilst his all daughters clean all room and wash the clothes and men carry out outside works such as farming and taking care of farm animals.

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