Kraft Shooting suspect Yvonne Hiller Charged for murder of 2 people

Posted by Pradip Koti on Sep 11, 2010 | 3 Comments

Yvonne Hiller, an employee of Kraft Foods plant has been charged in custody for the murder of two workers in Philadelphia. She worked in the plant since last fifteen years.

Kraft Shooting suspect Yvonne Hiller Charged for murder of 2

Police said “Yvonne Hiller had gotten into an argument Thursday evening with her co-workers at the northeast Philadelphia plant” and after she was suspended she gets back with handgun in her hand in a few minutes and start shooting.

The shooting killed two workers and one another co-worker was critically injured. She used a security guard for her security pass to enter in building with a firearm. Yvonne Hiller used on Kraft Shooting was a .375 magnum, according to the firearm.

Philadelphia Homicide Capt. James Clark said “Hiller allegedly walked to the third-floor mixing area – the area where she worked at the cookies and crackers plant – and found four people in the break room. She had no issues with one woman and told her to leave. She then opened fire on the others” and added “She believed they were spraying chemicals at her, saying things behind her back,”


To reaching out on the 3rd floor of the plant, she walked straight and targeted three in break room, the two were them died on the spot while the third one is seriously injured. She moved down to hallway to the supervisor of plant who throws her out of the job few minutes prior and at a mechanic who was using a walkie-talkie to alert police and co-workers to her whereabouts, police said.

Kraft Shooting suspect Yvonne Hiller Charged for murder of 2

At last, Yvonne Hiller went to a second-floor office and called police herself to tell them about what she had done. Hiller was found in a fetal position on the floor, the gun beside her, when tactical police had entered at the plant. Hiller was then taken into custody.

Yvonne Hiller is charged criminally for two murders, one attempt to murder, assaulting and many others, according to police reports. Police also declared that “Yvonne Hiller had a permit to keep the gun”.

Tanya Renee Wilson, 47; Latonya Sharon Brown, 36; and Bryant A. Dalton; 39 are victims of the Kraft Shooting that identified by the Police. Wilson and Brown died on the spot at the plant. Police said “Dalton, who shot in the neck, remained in intensive care Friday at Jefferson University Hospital”

During the shooting, seven employees were trapped inside a quality-control room, they all tried to escape unharmed. The plant was closed Friday and has not said by Kraft when it will reopen.

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  1. gangstalking says:

    Yvonne Hiller had complained for months if not years about harassment at work. She had complained that she had chemicals being sprayed on her. Ms. Hiller lived by herself.
    She was scared that some of her neighbours might hurt her, and she was also complaining about chemicals and odd smells around her home.

    Ms. Hiller had made several calls to the police, fire department and other agencies for help over the last few years, but her complaints were written off. Some of her neighbours were concerned that she might be having mental health issues.

    On Friday Ms. Hiller was suspended from work, after arguing with two of her co-workers. She was lead from the building. The night before she had told a male friend she could no longer handle the harassment and might hurt her harassers, he had called 9/11. On Friday after being lead out of the building, she went back to her car for her gun, forced her way back into the building. Located the co-workers who had consistently and repeatedly harassed her, and killed two instantly, critically wounding a third.

    To many on the outside this sounds like just another case of a disgruntled co-worker, but to others, this was another case of Gang Stalking. Gang Stalking is the term being used for people who are ending up on these occupational health and safety listings. The listings are causing those around the target to believe the person to be mentally ill, dangerous, and it’s making these individuals targets of co-ordinated harassment efforts.

    These listing cause those around the target that have been notified to act in a frenzied manner, which is then capable of driving the target to acts of violence, such as seen in the recent Kraft Plant Shooting, on September 11, 2010.

    In the book Closing The Gap it examines how these notifications are being used, and several other community shootings that may well have been attributed to these listings.

    What you are not aware of can hurt you. Until the society wakes up and realises that these listings are actually leading to these end results, we could see an increasing number of these incidents.

    The laws in society are not protecting those that are being targeted, instead they are creating inhospitable conditions, that are leading to some of the horrific outcomes that have been seen in cases such as: Damon Thompson, Jiverly Wong, Kimveer Gill, and many others.

  2. Rob Taylor says:

    So…she murdered a bunch of people after years of weaving wild conspiracy theories that made people afraid of her and SHE”S the victim? Have fun in Hell.

    Doesn’t the fact that she shot three people prove that she was in fact dangerous and people were right to avoid her?

  3. gangstalking says:

    Hi Rob,

    Hell is where I have been living, so I know. I have left hell, and I am sure my harassers will find the suites suitable.

    The point is you create a self fulfilling prophecy by putting people on these listings. Eg. We learnt that most of the school shootings happened due to bullying, this is not a crack conspiracy theory, the same is true for workplace mobbing. The shootings are not happening out of the blue, they are happening after the targets are being exposed to years and months of hellish targeted harassment.

    The point that I have been trying to make is that when you put people on these lists, it cause them to be harassed the way people that are bullied, and mobbed are, but like 10 to 20 times worst.

    If left alone, and not bothered, most of these people would likely not have killed, but when driven to the edge, you get the end result, and it’s this end result that I am trying to change, by informing people about what these lists are doing.

    So no, the fact that she shot people does not mean that she was a danger to begin with. The fact that she shot three people shows that if you put people on lists, then get those around them to harass them for years on end, with no let up in sight, you will create these dangerous people. Jiverly Wong and the letter he left behind are the truest examples of this that I know.

    You are creating self fullfiling prophecies. The only difference is I will not sugar coat it, I will state it straight up front. Until society get’s this point, then these events will likely continue.

    So the conclusion is, these people if left alone would likely have lead productive lives, but when driven to the edge after being placed on these lists which opened them up to harassment, they became very dangerous, and thus you got the end results. Only by making society aware, can we hope to change this.

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