Illinois Department of Corrections website is down today

Posted by on Aug 28, 2010 | 2 Comments is the official web site of the Illinois Department of Corrections. Today, IDOC website is down for some hours. The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) operates the adult state prison system in Illinois.


The IDOC was established in 1970 by  joining the state’s prisons, juvenile centers, and parole services. and It is led by director appointed by the Governor of Illinois. It is headquarters are in Springfield. The main aim of the Illinois Department of Corrections is to protect the public from criminal offenders through a system of incarceration and supervision which securely isolates offenders from society, promises offenders of their constitutional rights and maintains programs to improve the success of offenders’ reentry into society.

IDOC is responsible for almost 8,00,000 adult inmates and parolees in the state of Illinois. Around the state, It operates over 30 adult correctional centers, eight adult transition centers, seven work camps, two adult boot camps, some 25 parole offices, and a handful of day reporting centers. Illinois’ first selected African-American sheriff, Roger Walker Jr., is the director of the IDOC.

By their facilities, the agency must decrease the number of criminals coming into prison. It is the agency’s principle that these mostly, low-level non-violent criminals can be punished in less expensive community options. For prisoner criminals, the agency will require to develop and build on successful rehabilitative programs within the department, such as Operation Spotlight, Sheridan and Southwestern Illinois models. The agency have to continue the work of its community-based partners and other reentry supports like the department’s adult transitional centers and day reporting centers.

Illinois Department of Corrections programs and services

Women and Family Services:

This service works under the mission of IDOC with a concentration on the development and implementation of policies, programs and services needed to respond specifically to women’s pathways in and out of crime and to the contexts of their lives that support criminal behavior.

Office of Adult Education and Vocational Services:

The main aim of this service is provide academic, job preparation and vocational opportunities for criminal, that’s why they can take responsibility for developing their competencies to help them to become contributing, positive members of the prison community.

Addiction Recovery Management Services Unit

ARMSU makes reliable guidelines for the development and implementation of addiction recovery management programs and the continuum of care within the department. The unit organizes the screening, assessment and referral of criminals requiring  or demanding  addiction recovery services. It also provides consultative services and training to agency staff and community providers about addiction issues.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Services:

The Mental Health and Psychiatric Services develops guidelines, guidelines, training and consultative services to staff responsible for the mental health treatment of offenders.

Health Services

The Health Services sets standards for the delivery of prisoner health care and evaluate the care provided throughout the correctional system, including preventive and public health, mental health, primary and secondary medical care and occupational health and safety.

Volunteer Services:

Volunteer Services provides programs and services otherwise not available to the incarcerated men and women within IDOC.

Victim Services

The Victims Services Unit provides information, assistance and support to victims of crime whose victimizers are remanded to the custody or control of IDOC.


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