Halcon De La Sierra Muerte’s Dead Body Found

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El Halcon de la Sierra, 28-years-old Mexican grupero singer was killed on Tuesday night. His dead body was found with other two people from the highway stretch – Guerrero Tomochic. Halcon De La Sierra is another Mexican singer, who was murdered.

Fabian Ortega Pinon is original name of famous singer El Halcon de la Sierra. Fabian Ortega was born in the town of Gomez Farias, Chihuahua, then for many years he resided in the United States and cemented in his musical career. According to My Space, the musician’s most recent album, The R1, went on sale Tuesday 19.


Just hours after refusing reports he had been murdered, a Mexican singer was killed by shooting.

Some information obtained from the websites of the state of Chihuahua at 8:30 am yesterday, it received a notification in which it was stated that the singer’s body had multiple gunshot wounds and was found in a stretch of highway located 5 meters from the road from San Pedro Tomochi.

Falcon of the Sierra had many shots by heavy weapons. At his side was the dead body of Edward Ortega, an alleged close relative, and another body whose identity was not determined by the police.

On 26 June 2010, Sergio Vega was killed by gunfire in his red Cadillac as he made his way to Sinola state to perform at a concert at the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Other 40 years old singer recently said that it has increased its security measures after a series of Mexican singers killed.

Daily Mail reported that Vega was the 7th Grupero singer to be killed in Mexico in the ‘last six months’.

The prosecution provided data which indicated that the singer had a criminal record, having been arrested after he was found in possession of one kilogram of the drug crystal, use firearms regulation, 20 thousand dollars in cash and more than 844 cartridges for high-powered rifles on board a yacht in Ensenada, in the company of one of the operators of Theodore Simental, El Teo.

Forensic officers collected evidence from over 80 caliber cartridge casings 223 and 9 mm at the sight of murder.

Police sources said that the bodies were found in line with signs of execution. Fabian Ortega was identified as Pinon, the Falcon, 28, Jesus Ortega Delgado, 25, and Manuel Saenz, 21.

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