Dayna Kempson Schacht crash video become viral

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In these days, the passed victim Dayna Kempson Schacht car crash video becomes viral over the net as this tapped video shows her devastated dead body. When Dayna’s parents, Jeff and Lucretia Kempson watched the video, heartbroken parents deeply grieved and protested that Georgia firefighters allegedly tapped video in a cell phone instead of bringing out her dead body from her car.

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Dayna Kempson Schacht, 23-year-old mother of two kids, lost control of her car and hit a row of trees on Highway 19-41 near Griffin, Georgia, died on the spot in awful car crash on July 17th. After few minutes of the accident, firefighters had reached on place of the accident.

One of firefighters recorded a video in his cell phone of the ruined dead body of Dayna Kempson Schacht. He not merely tapped her video, but he allegedly also shared it with his friends. Then the video eventually became viral and moved person to person that being called a “sick and twisted” chain of events.

Just after a month of Dayna’s death, her parents were received email of graphic video of the death scene by an ex-brother-in-law, after the tape was posted online.

Dayna Kempson Schacht crash video become viral

When Dayna’s father, Kempson interviewed, he said, “It was bad enough that we lost our daughter. And now we have to deal with something like this, it’s just beyond words.

Kempson added that the video has disgraced their daughter. “How could someone, first of all, take the video. And second of all, how could they show it and discuss it.

In the video, one person is talking in the background and says, “Hold that down for me. That’s really bad. Oh my God.”

Currently, the investigation is in progress by the department of Spalding County sheriff to find the reason behind sharing of the video.

Mother of Dayna, Lucretia Kempson is not able to get the image of the video out of her mind and said, “When I close my eyes, it’s not fair that that video is what I see of my daughter.

Glor reports investigators said that they do not believe any laws were broken, in either taking or sharing the video. Glor added that the county is looking into whether any of its internal rules were broken. Glor also said the firefighter who took the video has not commented on the situation.

Glor says, “What happened here is it wasn’t actually sent specifically to damage them. But this was going around town and everyone was seeing it and someone sent it to the parents and said, ‘Just so you know this is out there,’ and they saw it.”

Parents Heartbroken over accident scene of Dayna Kempson video from youtube:

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