Babri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updates

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The of current cultural rituals on the 60- year-old Ayodhya case seems to be dangerous to the people of country which will be disclosed on 24th of September, 2010 a decision that may trigger political fallout. In Ayodhya, around the demolished Babri mosque whether Hindus or Muslims own land judgment haunted by memories of a 1992 riot, some of the country’s worst violence since the partition.

On Wednesday afternoon, the registrar of the bench of Allahabad High Court issued a notice in which an announcement to that effect was communicated. On July 26, 2010 a special full bench comprises Justices S.U Khan, Sudhir Agarwal and D.V Sharma reserved the date for pronouncement of the judgment that was conveyed to the counsels appearing in the four title suits relating to the disputed site at Ayodhya. Three issues will be addressed by the court. First is whether there was a temple at the disputed site, prior to 1538. Second one is whether the suit filed by the Babri committee in 1961 is barred by limitation and last one is whether Muslims perfected their title through adverse possession. The fourth and fifth is for declaration and possession.


In 1950, Gopal Singh Visharad filed the first title by seeking an injunction for permitting ‘pooja’ (worship) of Lord Ram at the disputed site. Paramhans Tamchandra Das filed the second suit in 1950 by seeking the same injunction but this was later withdrawn. In the year 1959, Nirmohi Akhara filed the third suit, seeking direction to hand over the charge of the disputed site from the receiver. UP Sunni Central Board of Waqfs filed the fourth suit for declaration and possession of the site in the year 1961. For declaration and possession, the fifth suit was moved on July one, 1989 in the name of Bhagwan Shree Ram Lalla Virajman.

A verdict for the Hindus would force the to uphold the judgment, making it unpopular with Muslims, a key vote bloc. A ruling for the Muslims would mean the would have to push Hindu groups out of the site, a political minefield. The response of BJP to the verdict Whether the party has been able to change with the times or not will be determined by the response of BJP to the verdict so as to capture the mood of young, modern . The country, most political observers believe, has travelled a long way from the belligerent cries of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Mandir wahin banayenge’ (we will build the temple at the disputed site), when a section of the middle class and poor worried about apparent denial of justice to the majority community.

In the Faizabad civil court, four title suits remained pending if one of these suits has been withdrawn. In 1989 an application moved by then Advocate General of UP and all of these suits were transferred to the High Court. Since then speculation was rife not only over the possible date of the judgment, but also over its religious and political fallout as the issue has been influencing the country’s politics.

The Archaeological Survey of has pointed to the existence of a massive structure in its report to the Court. Among the excavation yields, the report has mentioned stone and decorated bricks, mutilated sculpture of divine couple, carved architectural members including foliage patterns and circular shrine having pranjala (watershute), all indicating the existence of north Indian temples. During the early 16th century, it was over the top of this construction that Babri Masjid was constructed, concluded by the report. But the Sunni Central Waqf Board has been maintaining that the report is “vague and self-contradictory”.

The verdict may impact on one segment or the other whichever way the verdict goes. The Ramjanmabhoomi Trust has detained that the disputed land was the birthplace of Lord Ram while Muslim organisations contended that it was the site of a 16th century mosque built by the first Mughal emperor Babur in Ayodhya, about 120 km from . Rival claims by Hindu and Muslim groups to the disputed site led to the demolition of the 16th century Babri Masjid by Hindu mobs Dec 6, 1992, triggering widespread communal violence that left thousands dead across the country.

Due to differed verdict, Ayodhya verdict has been postponed to September 28 by the court. Tight Securities, closed circuit television cameras, road blocks and barricades all go waste now. To anticipate a tense condition, the large scale arrangements done across the country, were appear to be just to say that the judgment is delayed. It was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow by the bench of the Allahabad High Court. All the precautions had been taken by the , asking ministers to monitor the condition in their area and stepping up vigil around sensitive places, banned bulk SMSes and MMSes to stop cellphones turning handy for mischief-mongers looking to spread rumors, distribute objectionable content and make panic all go in vain.

Because of a plea submitted to the Supreme Court, the judgment was postponed asking that the judgment be postponed citing it could lead to communal violence. Earlier this week, A retired bureaucrat, Ramesh Chand Tripathi filed t he plea. At the end of this month, one of the High Court judges hearing the case in retires. The entire trial may have to be conducted again in case the verdict is not delivered before that. Before fixing its next date of hearing, the Supreme Court took this into account for deferment to September 28.

Babri Masjid Demolition Pictures:

Babri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updates Babri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updatesBabri Masjid demolition Pictures & Verdict updates

Video of Demolition of Babri Masjid from YouTube:

Video of Babri Masjid Demolition Full Video – Babri Masjid Verdict 2010 from YouTube:

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  1. Tsudha says:

    Hi Guys, In place of weapons of violence, we have to use our mind, our heart, our sense of humor..because no one has the right to take the life of another human being.
    Nonviolence is something very powerful, and the power behind it is not weapons, but the support of the people. We all should move away from greed, selfishness, possessiveness and dominance perhaps we can dominate our love, compassion, understanding and respect.

    This is the right time to show/prove our unity among Indians. Say no to WARS. We can build both MOSQUE and TEMPLE in the same place. That will be right JUDGEMENT !!!! :)

  2. deepak says:

    according to me the correct judgement will be that constructing both the temple and mosque in one place so that we can so our unity

  3. chetna says:

    india is the land of unity in diversity but we people only make our unity get hindered by our stupid acts,if the decicion is taken in favuor of either of the two parties riots are certanly going to break out all over the nation,so accrding to me the only way to come out of this dellema is that we should constuct a park in this place which is neither of hindus nor of muslims which is just for humans…

  4. Jatin says:

    A hospital for all needy people will be a apt option.

  5. Ranjith BN says:

    who r v Hindu or muslim??
    wen there is ‘Ali’ in DiwAli &
    Ram in Ramzan,
    Help india in being UNITED!…
    No BP be HAPPY…

  6. yashas says:

    hi you ideots support hinduism if you are a hindu hinduism is like your family…… if i accuire your home and stay there will you leave me? will you give half of your propert.its our ancestral propery.we should protect it…. jai hinduism… jai sri ram.. we showed muslims and christians our power.. come out and fight if you have real guds… police can arrest only 3 lack people but we are 100 crore …

  7. namita bhat says:

    do you know why India is lacking behind????
    that’s because of our thinking i am an hindu but would like to ask that has lord ram told u that their can be no mosque at his birth place.come on man india is diverse country . open your eyes and fight against the violence
    bharat Mata Ki jai

  8. King says:

    are you shure jaha masjid hai waha shri ram ka janm hua tha , ager ha to us jagha masjid kiyo bani hui hai ,aur ager soch tae ho ki baber ne apne raaj mea waha masjid banvai . to mae tum sae yea punchta hu ki ager baber shri ram kae janm ki jagha ka mandir tutwa sakta hai to jahir sea baat hai wo chahta to sare hindustan ke mandir tutwa sakta tha ,aur sab ko talwar ki nook pe muslim ker sakhe-te thae musalmano nae 800 saal hind per raaj kiya tha ager wo chahte to hind kea logo logo ka khatma ker saktae the ,mager nahi unkonae hind ko nawaza aur aaj unhi ki dean hai jo hindustaan mae toorist ate hai, aur inhi famus monument ki wajha sae loog hind ko ate hai ……… aur aaj hind kae loogo per huqumat ae to wo unka ehsaan bhool gae ki unhone hind ke liyea kiya kiya hai………..

    musalman babri masjid mae 1532 sae 1928 tak namaz padi tab to musalmano ko koi murti nahi dekhai di fir achanak hinduo ko mandir mae murti kaese mili ,hinduo ko kaise pata laga ki masjid mae murtiya rakhi hai…….

    ek akhri sawal jo shaks itna badi imarat tood sakta hai ,to kiya wo wo furniture nahi tood saktaa jo uskae kaam ka nahi hai ……. wo use rakh ker numais to karega nahi …….

  9. Lalit says:

    make a hospital instead..

    Ram-Rahim chatitablr hospital..

    Best option..

  10. Abhi says:

    according to me, construct a school there where children get education of different communities. In ancient times we get education in temples and mosques and if we built a school there than it will be considered as a temple for hindus and mosque for the muslims.
    And Mr Yashas i am totally disagree with you we are living in democracy…………

  11. king khan says:

    No temple only masjid,madarsa and orphenage center,thts my opinion ok.

  12. shadab says:

    we are not HINDU or not MUSLIM
    SO PLZ

  13. Ayaz says:

    Hi Guys,

    According to me the best option is to construct a hospital which is neither for hindus nor for muslims just for a human being. I also condemn Yashas who talks like an anti social element, just because of people like Yashas India is lacking back. Wake up Yashas stop this dirty feeling and think in interest of mankind.

  14. Mac says:

    what had happened is from Almighty’s will

    and what will happen will also merely from His decession

    so pray for justice…….

  15. khan says:

    aaj jis jgah ki wajhsey india ki ekta tuth rahi hay wha
    masjid aur mandir dono bananey chahiye jes say yhe hi jagha ekta ka partik baney

  16. VIVEK KUMAR says:

    hum chate hai ki des me shanti ho or kisi parkar ka nukshan na ho esme hamara hi nukshan hai
    or indian pepole se request hai ki agar kal result bhi jata hai to des me shanti banaye rakhe or waise bhi hamra desh commonwealth games ke karan badnam ho gaya hai

    please, i hope you are educated pepole

  17. owais says:

    100% i know we won the case the babri majid will be build once again and her ram will be given

  18. Ravindra says:

    Acco. to me at that place a hospital should be built for the people of all the religions. And there should not any war be done.

  19. Zafar says:

    Without revealing what i am a Hindu or a Muslim, my religious beliefs will not allow me to worship in a place where such vulgar political drama of shacking the world’s one of the largest democracy has been taking place since past sixty years, hence an educational institution would be my most likely recommendation…. let so that the students in there study how their fore fathers have fought over a non issue which led to the destruction of societies and learn not to repeat this uncivilized historical act .Zafar

  20. Mahesh Gaikwad says:

    Bcoz of this political parties, we Indians r getting separated. Hindu & Muslims was, is & will be brothers & sisters. Be United Be Indian.

  21. Hasnain says:

    Nor even Allah nor even Ram would be happy to see his people fighting and shedding blood just for their devotion .No matter if its a masjid or a mandir we must belive their is only one god and he loves everyone either he may be a muslim or a hindu.

  22. Sanjay says:

    owais , yashas , King Khan jaise logon ko kaala muh karke baazar main ghumana chaaye. isi tharah ke log logon ko bhadkaate hian. we all are indian.

  23. Priya says:

    My opinion is a hospital should be built in that place to make peace in that place. May Allah and Ram be there and bless the people who really need help. Be a true indian, Jai Hind!!

  24. Nitin Lakade says:

    My Opinion is a Mandir & Muszid also made in that place.

  25. BHAGAT says:








  26. ayaz says:

    For 800 years,muslims have been dominating India.Under our domain neither temple nor church had been demolished for any legal/illegal reasons.This is our record.But since hindus are dominating there is no peace.And it gives birth to terrorist.

  27. Javeed. says:

    according to me construct the Hospital or Anath aashram where poor childrens can get good education instead of fighting between religion… god bless our country….

  28. gaurav gupta says:

    according to me there shold be a both temple and masjid

  29. aabid says:

    watevr hapnd wid babri masjid its so wrong coz till now nothng hapng like dat wid any mandir or wd ANY church den y wid masjid?????i m frm pakistan and i m MUSLIM ALHAMDULILLAH ….. AISA NAHI HONA CHAYEA THA Q K JIS KISI NY B YEA SAB KIYA HUA HAIN US KO US KI SAZA MELEY GHI…..MILJUL KE RAHO MERE DEARS AUR ITTIFAQ SEE KAHEEN AISA NA HO K GHOREY FIR SE AYE…..

  30. syed azeem says:

    as salam alikum mera hisdustani bhaio aur baheno,
    zara sa soonchaiya jab kabhi bhi voilance hota hai to kis ka lost hota hai , koi bhi polition ka nahi srif ham bhaio ka hota hai. kuch bhi karna se pehla zara ek bar ja kar ous ghar walo se poochiya ,jo ki babri masjid me voilance me shaeed howachaiya woh hindu ho ya musalman.ous maa se poocho,ous baap se poocho ,ous bhai se poocho ,aur ous ghar se poocho jis ka sahara sirf aur srif 1 hi admi tha jis se oun ka ghar chalta tha.

    bahi plz plz indian government kuch karna chati hai to wha per 1 hospital hona chaiya aur ous ka naam “INDIAN” hona chaiya.

  31. Vadivelu says:

    Construct a staduim so that peoples can fight there

  32. Patel says:

    No now the matter is not only of masjid and mandir. It is the matter of JUSTICE. We the muslims want to see whether Justice still prevails in India ya sirf hum kori baate karte he k mera bharat mahan. Me puchta hu ki Agar 6oo saal pehle waha ram ka janm hua bhi tha to is se AAP ko ye haq nahi mil jaata k aap waha khadi Dusre kaum ki Emaarat tod do.

    Kal me uth k ye kahunga k tumhara ghar jis jagah khada he waha pere purvajo ka janm hua tha or me us ghar ko tod dunga GARV K Saath to aap bardast karoge??

    Ye jo log abhi waha par school or orphanage or mandir-masjid both ki baate kar rahe he wo khokhle secularist he, Masla bilkul sidha saada aur saaf he. Kattarwadi (TERRORISTS) Hinduo ne Masjid Todi , Sarkaar ne apni votebank bachane k liye unka saath diya . Aur aaj bhi wo khule aam phir rahe he. Aur aaj jo Khokhli baate upar likhi he woh bhi Ek support he un Terrorists ko , ki accha kiya tum ne masjid todi,no pblm, ab hum waha hospital ya masjid mandir dono banva denge

    Aur ek baat Aajadi k baad jab hukumat hamari hui tub us jagah masjid thi. Jo k sarkar ki Jimmedari thi ki use sambhale aur kaaim rakhe.

  33. Patel says:

    Bhagat kya tumhare baap ya tumhare ancestors ne khareed k rakha he India ko? Hum India me yahaa na tumhari daya pe jeete he na tumhari bheek pe. Hum yaha rehte he kyu ki is mitti me hum ne Janm liya he aur isi mitti ko Humare purvajo ne bhi Apne khoon se sincha he , hum rehte he yaha un ki badoulat.

  34. Patel says:

    Aur ek baat puchna chahunga mere HINDU bhaiyo se. Aap k liye to Gaay(cow), Sun(suraj), peepal bhi bhagvan hote he. kal uth k ye to nahi kahoge na k yahaa gaay ne janm liya tha , ya yaha to suraj devta k kiran padte he , ye sab hatao ye to hamara he.

  35. Ayaz says:

    Bhagat jaise logo ko beech chaurahe pe khara ke kare ke har aane jaane wale logo ke haath mein joote aur patthar de ke bolna chahiye k is bhagat pe tab tak joote aur pattharron barsate raho jab tak is desh droghi Bhagat ki jaan na chali jaye. Bharat mein Bhagat jaise deshdrohiyon ke liye koi jagah nahi honi chahiye jo desh ko baantne ka kaam kare ek bhai ko dusre bhai se ladwaye. Bhagat jaise logo ke liye sirf aur sirf ek hi saza honi chahiye aur wo hai joote chappal aur pathron ki maar. Bhagat tum ne aise baaten likh ke apna parichay de diya hai. Bhagat tum atankwadi ho jo desh mein atank phailate hai. Chullu bhar paani mein naak duba ke mar sakte ho to mar jao desh ke dushman.

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