Antonie Kamerling Committed Suicide

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One of the smartest Dutch actor and musician, Antonie Kamerling’s dead body was found in his home on Wednesday, October 6, 2010. Kamerling was 44 years old. He lived with his wife actress Isa Hoes, who played Miriam in Good Times and two children a son and a daughter.

Antonie Kamerling

Antonie’s brother Albert Verlinde said that he committed suicide. “In the afternoon of Wednesday, October 6 Anthony has decided to end his life. In several interviews he had previously intimated to suffer from depression,” Verlinde said in a reaction that he and Kamerling wife, actress Isa Hoes drafted. “Unfortunately, the assistance given to no avail.”

Kamerling acted in many movies like The Little blond Death (1993) for which he was nominated for the Golden Calf for Best Actor. He was well-known for his role in the musical Sunset Boulevard. In 1997 he played in the film All Stars. He sang the song as Hero, the role he played in the All Stars. In 2008 he played in the series Piovra. His producer Joop van den Ende issued a statement today to news: “Horrible. We know him as the most likable fellow … an incredible guy. We wish his wife, children and family all strength”.

In free time, Kamerling spent time in helping children, who are in need. Kamerling was praised for his charity work with the rescue group “Edukans”. Kamerling helped Edukans’ efforts to bring schooling to poor children living in the Third World.

The funeral arrangement of Antonie Kamerling is yet to be announced. We will keep you updated with the details.

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