Albert Greenwood Brown Mugshot Photo revealed

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A plea is rejected by a federal judge to stop the September 29 execution of Albert Greenwood Brown Jr. who is convicted in the 1980 kidnap, rape and murder of a 15-year-old Riverside girl. Riverside Superior Court Judge Roger A. Luebs signed the death warrant of Albert Greenwood Brown. Brown force exists executing at San Quentin State Prison.

A 15-year-old Susan Jordan was abducted by Albert Greenwood Brown when she walks to her school Arlington High School in Riverside for morning classes. After kidnapping, he raped and murder Susan then coffined her body in a near orange grove. After that, Brown called the Susan’s mother, Angelina. “Hello, Mrs. Jordan,” the caller said. “Susan isn’t home from school yet, is she? You’ll never see your daughter again.”

Brown then called the girl’s parents and told them they would never see their daughter alive again and could find her in a particular orange grove. In the last five years, it will be the first California. Judge Jeremy Fogel expressed in words his inner battle regarding his decision: “I am painfully aware that however it decides a case of this nature, there will be many who disagree profoundly with its decision. The moral and political debate about capital punishment will continue, as it should.

Subsequent calls led authorities to the body. For raping a 14-year old in 1977, Albert Greenwood Brown had been imprisoned. He had been paroled only four months before the Riverside tragedy. James Jordan, Susan Jordan’s brother said, “I think this is good news, and hopefully everything goes according to plan.” He said he and his sister, Karen Brown, plan to go to San Quentin State Prison.

About judge Fogel’s decision Friday, A spokesman for the Riverside County District attorney’s office expressed his opinion: “This is a horrific case, with horrific facts. This man showed no remorse. He never claimed innocence. It’s time for this family to finally see justice. It’s been delayed too long already.” Due to state and federal court challenges, the death penalty has been on an informal hiatus to the protocol for administering lethal injection and the inadequacy of execution facilities at San Quentin.

State attorneys told Fogel those problems have been solved. All the appeal of Brown on his criminal case has been exhausted, and his challenges can center only on the execution system. In the year 1982, he was convicted of the older girl’s rape and murder and sentenced to death. Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco said, “This is a murderer who never claim virtue and who has now exhausted all his appellate rights in an enormously terrible case. There is no reason for his execution to be further delayed”.


  1. sgibson says:

    You really need someone to edit your articles and look for typos and proper use of english

  2. Only Known Survivor of Brown's Rape and Attempted Murder says:

    Why does it matter if Brown will experience pain with the lethal injection? What about the pain he caused the girls he raped, then killed? What about the pain he caused me, the one survivor of his rape and attempted murder? What about all the families of all the girls he raped and murdered who are not mentioned in any of the current reports?

    Who cares if he suffers any pain? How about the judge allows those directly involved with his crimes to decide how he should die?!?

  3. lewis says:

    I think a volunteer could be found to supplement the execution of Albert Greenwood Brown in case some problem
    were to occur during the execution.
    The volunteer armed with a Louisville Slugger could step right on in and get Browns trip to Hell going!
    He bought that ticket long ago and it needs to be punched.
    Those who will cry out against the death penalty need to ponder the past.
    One of the results of neutered justice may be a return of the blood feud. If society cannot deliver
    justice ,there will be those who turn to the old and
    darker methods.
    Thirty years ,no shadow of a doubt about Browns guilt
    is obscene. I am sick of his co-existence on this earth.
    The system needs to put him down and cover his child raping, murderous carcass in a fresh dug hole.
    I am of the opinion that Hell is not half full, Satans
    minions are eagerly waiting for Brown and they will have plenty of room for his eternal torment.

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