Alaska Earthquake Information Center reported 4.9 Earthquake in Alaska‎

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The Alaska Earthquake Information Center (AEIC) has reported an earthquake that struck on Monday at 3:24pm PDT about 10 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city and surrounding towns. The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.9, as per the preliminary report from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

Approximately, the earthquake was situated at a depth of 26 miles and centered 13 miles southwest of Anchorage, 25 miles northwest of Hope and 43 miles south of Willow. Including Anchorage, the quack was felt over a vast area in the state, Palmer, Wasilla, Valdez and Homer. No reports of injuries or damage were reported by AEIC but it has received around 600 reports from different people who said that they felt the tremors.


Cindi Preller, a geologist from the center of Tsunamis on the West Coast and Alaska said, “People reported that the quake shook strongly.” The temblor not expected to generate a tsunami. Preller said that one man who was standing close to the epicenter also had been through the 9.2 magnitude quake that struck Alaska’s Prince William Sound in 1964. That was the second-largest quake in recorded history and it triggered a tsunami, leaving about 130 people dead.

Lisa Withers, a witness initially thought a car had hit the building of her gift shop that she manages inside Bell’s Nursery in Anchorage, which carries a large selection of dishes and other fragile items. Withers said, “Some flatware pieces fell off the stands. A few customers were nervous about the noise of glassware rattling.”

According to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center, Anchorage had reports of the strongest shaking. State seismologist and director of the center, Roger Hansen said, “A few residents reported that objects fell off shelves, and furniture and heavy appliances shifted.”

The initial magnitude given was preliminary only and Preller said it could turn out to be a magnitude 5.0 quake. In Southeast Alaska, an unrelated earthquake struck earlier Thursday which had a 3.4 magnitude and was felt in Hoonah.

As per the report from AEIC, American continent is under a continuous fury of nature and it was not just California fault but other regions also felt heavy quavers during last few moths with such a frequency that was unheard of formerly.

Alaska Earthquake Information Center : 4.9 Quake Today In Anchorage video from Youtube:

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