Aditi Jagtap – a Mercedes driving girl hits 10 vehicles & 10 Injured

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Sep 15, 2010 | 8 Comments

Aditi Jagtap who is daughter of Pune’s famous heart surgeon Randeep Jagtab hits 10 vehicles while driving a Mercedes at a high speed on Tuesday at Pune’s Kondwa Road. About 10 people were injured, including pedestrians and two-wheeler drivers after getting hit.

Aditi Jagtap, Aditi Jagtap accident

Twenty-two-year-old, Aditi was driving her Mercedes at a high velocity on the way from her Wanavdi residence to Saluke Vihar at 7.30pm and she first hit an elderly lady in Kondwa area who crossing the road. To avoid public fury, she sped away from the scene in place of stopping to help the victim. In a bid to escape, she hits seven more vehicles which include cars, a bus and also autorickshaws. For rash and neglectful driving, she has been arrested by police.


By this accident, the old woman got few injuries and some other people have received severely hurt, including a one-year-old boy. The police confirmed that she was not under the influence of alcohol. After the mishap, an angry mob pelted stones at the car.

Aditi Jagtap, Pune girl, accident

Aditi Jagtap is a third-year student of interior decoration. Her father is a cardiac surgeon who works in a local hospital. Pune DCP, Sanjay Jhadav said, “The girl’s name is Aditi. She was leaving for a friend’s place for Ganpati puja in her Mercedes. She hit a woman in front of Kubera chambers, lost control of the vehicle and entered a no-entry lane and then hit motorcycles, a bus and a rickshaw.”

Now, Aditi faces a case of hit and run excluding the charges of causing grievous injury by rash and inattentive driving.

Pune girl rams Mercedes into 15 people video from Youtube:

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  1. Indian says:

    Stupid Woman..!! Who gave her license..?
    Throw her in jail for at least 10 years..!!!

  2. Amit says:

    let’s not ruin a life for such an incident. What she did was wrong. But, you do have to have compassion towards 22 years olds. They can’t think on their feet in a panic situation that lead to the other mishaps. It is the mob mentality that scares people. Look at what they did to the car. Can you assure her if she had stopped she wouldn’t have been harmed? I am not defending her, all I am saying is that our society is not the one that allows for compassion. These kids need our guidance not wrath. Let her do community service and pay for the victims. That sounds about right.
    Hell we are negotiating with terrorists but not willing to accept our own children!

  3. Rohan Iyer says:

    this is a hype because she had a mercedes. in many cases pedestrians also need to learn a lesson while crossing the road. the government should be pressurised to make proper zebra crossings that pedestrians must use and there has to be a fine if car drivers do not wait for someone at a zebra crossing.

    We have to become more aware. including car drivers and especially people who have bikes because they are the cause of many accidents for which car drivers are blamed as the car is bigger.

  4. NM says:

    Will you have the same opinion if she was your own daughter?
    Also do you realize that this is blown out of proportion because she was rich man daughter.
    Its a mistake and I guess the girl was scared.

  5. No Law for Dabang people says:

    There is different law for different people in INDIA. Dabang people can buy the law but poor people face the hard of law.
    In Chandigarh a drunk girl from Dabang family crushed to death a boy and a girl and she also get bail in few minutes.
    This is the law of India.

    Jai Hind.

  6. jyoti gurung says:

    Aditi was not under the influence of liquor. The Police have said so in the article. This is purely a case of rich versus poor. Amit and Rohan are right. Let this not be biased. It was an accident, and that is it! Did the Police examine the pedestrian for abnormal behaviour? I don’t think so. It was an accident. Leave it at that. Aditi is young and learning. We are never perfect at whatever age! And why doesn’t the article talk about the ‘old woman’? Is this a case of sensationalism just because the accused is young and rich, and makes good headlines!! Journalism stinks, too!!!! Take care, even the media can be exposed, and is not beyond the law!

  7. Tejwani says:

    ry sad mishap…vry careless driving!! speed thrills, but kills…. i wann 2 c aditi behind of d jail…….so she never repeat dis mistake again!
    but u right man…..
    god save poor people of india. :( :( :(

  8. DP says:

    NM I wonder what would be your opinion if the elder woman who got hit was your own mother. This issue is not about rich and poor. This is about how we prefer to raise our kids. If her parents have had done a the good job this girl would have had courage to stop and take the congnizance of her mistake, she would have stopped and taken the elder lady to hospital rather than running scared and injuring others, irrespective of wheter she was driving Mercedes or humble 2 wheeler.

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