$11 Million Christmas tree in Emirates Palace Hotel to be Most Expensive

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A high-end hotel in Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace hotel has revealed 40ft high $11 million Christmas tree which is hoping to be the one of the most expensive Christmas trees across the world. As it is the most expensive Christmas tree ever, it may break the Guinness World Book Record.

11 Million Christmas tree
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At the Emirates Palace hotel, this highly priced Christmas tree has become the newest extravagance as it is decorated with gem-studded bows and gold ornaments. The only tree has a price of $10,000 but it is so pricey due to its branches which dangle from the tree and enhances the beauty of tree.

The 13-meter height, a jewel-encrusted Christmas tree is adorned with silver and gold bows, necklaces, bracelets, watches and small white lights. Also, it holds 181 diamonds, emeralds, pearls, sapphires and other precious stones. This Christmas tree is located in the gold leaf-decorated room of the Emirates Palace hotel.

The general manager of the hotel, Hans Olbertz who worked as one of the jewelers in the hotel to make a ‘unique tree and experience for guests this year’ said, “The hotel would apply to the Guinness Book of World Record to find out if tree is the most expensive ever.” In the UAE, the vast majority of the oil-rich population is Muslim. However, Mr Olbertz said he did not believe that tree would offend religious sensibilities. He added, “It’s a very liberal country.”

He also said that they also had a Christmas tree in previous years but current year, they have added something unique and they come up with expensive and extravagant Christmas tree. As per Olbertz, the tree was created to carry joy among the many international tourists.

In the United Arab Emirates, Christmas spirit is not uncommon. Officially, the country has Muslims however it hosts a huge foreign population. Emirates Palace hotel is planning to correspond with the organization for about their $11 Million Christmas tree which is to stay there throughout the ending of the year.

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