New Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Launches today in India : Specs & Feature

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Maruti Suzuki has launched its new version, Alto K-Series on the 4th August 2010 in India. The expected price of Alto K-Series is between Rs 3.00 lakh to Rs 3.40 lakh rupees. New Maruti Alto K10 is a new version of small car Alto. Improved mileage and powerful K-Series 1000cc Engine with attractive price are included in Alto K10. LXI & VXI are two variants of Alto K10, which will be available in six colors such as Sunlight Copper, Midnight Black, Fire Brick Red, Ecru Beige, Silky Silver and Superior White.

1-litre K10B engine, which has previously seen on the Maruti Suzuki A-Star, Estilo and the new WagonR, is will be the feature of Alto K10 car. Alto K10 became more powerful with the engine and this engine also offer it a class-beating fuel efficiency figure. For the light and zippy car, the company is claiming an ARAI approved figure of 20.2 kmpl. With new headlamps, a new radiator grille and revised interiors, which impart a sense of modernity to Maruti’s reputed people’s carrier, Alto K10 has also been suitably refreshed on the inside and the outside to distinguish it from its older sibling.

Except for the retuning of suspension and booster assisted braking system, there are not much mechanical changes. New Alto K10 engine is the new stuff but Maruti already uses it in A-star, Estilo and Wagon-R. 68PS of maximum power at 6200rpm and 90Nm of maximum torque at 3500rpm is produced by the K-series under the hood of Alto K10 produces. On the other side, because of the new engine, Alto k10 has gained just 50kgs. Effect is that, Alto K10 reaches 100kmphs in 13.3 seconds as opposed to 17.3 seconds by Alto.

Maruti Alto K10 Models

  • Maruti Alto k10 lxi
  • Maruti Alto k10 Vxi

Features of Maruti Alto K10:

  • K-series 1000cc engine
  • Equipped with Fog light
  • Speed meter along with RPM meter
  • Attractive tale light
  • Same color bumper
  • Side new mirror
  • Broad bonnet
  • The new Alto is 125 mm longer than existing

Maruti Alto K10 Price in India

Maruti Alto k10 lxi Price – Rs.3.1 lakh (approx)
Maruti Alto k10 Vxi Price – Rs.3.4 lakh (approx)

New Maruti Alto K10 colors:

New Maruti Alto K10 is available in different colors such as:

  • Midnight Black
  • Superior White
  • Silky Silver
  • Ecru Beige
  • Fire Brick Red
  • Blue Blaze

New Alto 2010 K10 Technical Specification:

  • 1000cc Engine same as Wagon-R, A-Star & Maruti Estilo
  • Max Power: 68PS @ 6200rpm
  • Max Torque: 90Nm @ 3500rpm
  • New cable type transmission for smoother gear shifts
  • 13” inch wheels
  • Two Tone Interiors
  • 3-spoke steering wheel
  • Amber illuminated speedometer, tachometer and an electronic trip-meter
  • Better suspension
  • Hexagonal grillen with curves and chrome on top
  • Power windows for front passengers
  • Easy gear shifts with cable type transmission
  • Booster assisted braking system
  • Better Suspension
  • 0-100KMPH in Just 13.3 Seconds
  • Eagle eyed headlamps
  • New fog lamps
  • New style tail lamps
  • 13-inch wheels (155/60 R13)
  • Key reminder
  • Remote boot opener
  • Remote fuel lid opener
  • Booster assisted braking system
  • Two tone interiors
  • 3 spoke steering wheel
  • Head rest for front and rear passengers
  • Illuminated speedometer, tachometer and electronic trip meter
  • Power steering
  • Internally adjustable ORVM

Video of Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 from youtube:


  1. penny says:

    With the introduction of Alto K 10, the competition is heating up and the people have more choices to select in buying small cars.

  2. sally says:

    Maruti might sell this Alto K10 a 30 to 40 thousand more than the actual Maruit Alto.

  3. mital says:

    The Alto series has always been top of the line especially in South Asian countries and the success rate of the car has been simply amazing. The main reason for the success of the previous Alto brand under the Maruti sub brand is the reliable parts and superb service in many countries worldwide. If a common man is asked about the reason of buying the Maruti or the Suzuki 800, they would say only one thing, and that is that the replacement parts are easily available. Even in Pakistan the parts of Suzuki 800cc and 1000cc are easily available. The reason for this availability is the fact that the sales of the Suzuki cars in these countries have reached an enormous extent, thus the private dealers are either importing the parts from Japan or making local replicas.

  4. Navinder says:

    It is wonderful , introduction of this new ALTO shows commitment of Maruti towards general people, pressed under spiraling prices of petrol.

  5. alexa says:

    Please tell me by when maruti is launching Alto K-10. please tell me some date as i m planning to buy new car with budget ranging 3~4 lakhs.

  6. sally says:

    Alto k10 is not just a paper tiger, it is powerful on the road too. For the weight increment of just 50kg, Alto K10 is 45% more powerful than the Alto 800cc.Right from the word go, Alto K10 moves with confidence. Throttle response is lightning from lower speeds

  7. sally says:

    one must not forget that the segment that Alto plays in is also going to get much more crowded in the coming times as players like Hyundai, FIAT, Volkswagen et al are also planning to line up their products in the minds of the Indian consumer to give them a wider menu to choose from.

  8. mital says:

    Alto K10 features

    • Long bonnet and revamped rear
    • K10 engine – [email protected] RPM
    • Max torque of 90Nm
    • 100 Kmph @ 13.3 seconds
    • Power steering
    • Front power windows
    • Central locking and remote boot opener

  9. penny says:

    i want buy car pls give the quatation of alto k10
    and book a car for me

  10. mital says:

    The most prominent changes visible in the Maruti Alto K10 are the new eagle eyed headlamps which give Alto K10 a bold look, it also features all new tail lamps which are rounded from top which look much better in comparsion to the design of Alto 800cc.

  11. mital says:

    The interiors of Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 are more refreshing and rich in terms of looks and design. The dual tone interiors looks very good and give Alto K10 upmarket look. The steering wheel is all new with a big Suzuki logo in centre which looks awesome.

  12. sally says:

    With the Alto K10, Maruti Suzuki have embarked on a new plan. They are pre-empting an all out onslaught by Tata Motors, Fiat and ALL-Nissan who plan to be a part of this segment. Even VW and Skoda aren’t ignoring the possibility of being here.

  13. mital says:

    I rented the Alto Automatic version. One day was enough for me. The car is quite poorly furnished,only the most necessary items exist. Like f.ex. 2 electrical windows, but only in the front seats. Right window cannot be operated from the drivers seat. The driver has to stretch arms in order to reach the left window lever. Same with the side mirrors. The right mirror cannot be regulated from the drivers seat. But the most irritating drawback are the safety belts. They are mounted inside the wall at a fixed height and can’t be moved up or down to fit the drivers height. I am small and the belt stretched across my neck, under the chin. If an accident should happen, the small driver will choke on the spot!!! It’s very dangerous! The front window is so narrow, that the left side car- corner comes into eye view and disturbs watching traffic on your left. Not at all comfy! I would not recommend this car as major family vehicle.

  14. kaesha says:

    Pricing of New Maruti Alto is costly in comparison to simple engine ………………so alto should come in K10B series Engine Which Will Give More POwer And …………….Gud Driving………………..

  15. oldwina says:

    yup!! alto is a nice car in an average looks is nice & interiors are also good …one thing is very good that it is very comfortable in driving…

  16. sam says:

    Maruti sees more hope and promise from this new 1000cc Alto to boost its presence in the A2 segment. More details regarding Price, Mileage etc are placed at funmidnight.

  17. amy says:

    The company is planning to launch the car next month. If you have a 3-4 lakh budget, you could take a look at Ford Figo and Nissan Micra.

  18. sandy says:

    I want buy a alto K-Series model ,in this good featured and looking so nice ,pls giv the price details

  19. sujan says:

    Maruti Alto K10 is very glorious car……..
    Right from the word go,Alto K10 move with confidence……….
    Alto K10is not just a paper tiger,it is powerful on the road………………..

  20. Manav says:

    Guys, nothing beats a spark! Great build quality / great value for money / great drive!
    Maybe the new Alto with a 1000 cc engine will make for a peppier drive but still, in looks and overall package you get more value for money with a Chevy Spark.
    Whoever’s buying a Spark…just do it!

  21. Lara says:

    missing safety features airbags, ABS
    Missing new transmission assembly
    Missing new suspensions
    Whether Vxi comes with alloy + tubeless need to wait & c
    Overall price increase of 40-50,000 may not justify the face lift as far as K10b is concerned if first timer can distinguish he/she may go for more features + approx same mileage may B i10 / Spark / Santro / Estilo / Wagno-R

  22. Laxmi says:

    This is for Pankaj, Alto, the driving position for taller people is too low resulting in knee pain during longer drives. Spark, as far as my experience goes, has poor mileage. Estilo lags power. WegonR develops lot of body noise after about 40000 km. The best one of the lot is i10 Kappa.

  23. Alisha says:

    New Alto, me think its not for city dwellers but more for rural. spark is safer and better, imagine putting a new driver on a fast machine in city.
    City dwellers should buy spark or nano

  24. Aakash says:

    maruti800 is so old model. but that time it is so glorious car it is very powerful on the road
    how long maruti go with alto,800 and estilo… Maruti time to bring new models

  25. VINAY N TOTLOOR says:

    alto is better, styling change i required.
    Roof high & more leg space is required like GM spark.
    overall only vehicle power is changes,

  26. Jag Jivan says:

    Earlier also Maruti Alto came up with 1000 cc car. However, as it failed to pick up, it was withdrawn. In competition with WagonR it failed to stand. Will the new one last? This is top on the mind of those wanting to buy up a new car.

  27. amol.s says:

    i am intrested to buy alto k-series plz give me the prieces details in pune

  28. Suman Sen says:

    What’s the reason behind goofing people with fake images?? The picture dispayed are not of Alto (except the first one and the video) but of Maruti A -Star.

  29. prashant says:

    like to see interior view of alto k series .. any web site ????

  30. amit says:

    exellent car in small range , i like dis one model thanx

  31. Ramesh says:

    I was inspired for new Alto K10, but suggest me if i can drive during long time & long journeys.
    Also i have back ache problems, coz i am almost 6 ft long, suggest me whether will it suit me?

  32. sam says:

    blue 1 is a star not alto

  33. sushant tarai says:

    On the road price in cuttack, orissa. pls send me price list new Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. thank you.

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