KIA KV7 Concept will be unveiled at Detroit 2011

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The first image of the new Kia KV7 concept has been released by Kia recently and also announced that it will unveil KV7 concept model at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit, beginning January 10, 2011. However, the Korean firm didn’t actually disclose any information on the funky crossover model besides from the teaser rendering you viewed in the image below.

KIA KV7 Concept will be unveiled at Detroit 2011

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Different innovative elements are featured in the new car such as swivel rear seats and ‘gullwing’ doors. Just as the Kia Soul, it emerges to adopt a similar design platform in dimensions and layout. The crossover / SUV shaped KV7 will also include features like thin futuristic taillights, minimalist dash, front-hinged door, wood panel flooring and a few Nissan Cube elements at the rear.

Kia Motors’ design-led transformation delivers production vehicles in recent years like the angular Soul subcompact, Sportage crossover and Forte Koup two-door, which bear a very close resemblance to the inventive concept designs that preceded them. The strategy of Kia is alike of its parent company Hyundai Motor Co. that also has focused on increasing its lineup and improving its vehicles’ quality, styling and sales level.

One thing is certain that at the show next month the Kia KV7 Concept will make a big impact though the full details of the car are so far to be released. Check out for the further information and pictures of the KV7 in the near future.

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