Honda’s Recall 2010 : Accords, Civics and Elements recalled

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Honda’s Recall 2010 includes Accord and Civics models from the 2003 year and Elements from the 2003-2004 years. Honda has recalled about 4, 00,000 vehicles in the US, due to an ignition switch problem. The recall will begin in late September. According to Honda Motor Co, it is the third recall over the same problem since 2003. The Previous two were in 2003 and 2005.

Honda's Recall 2010 : Accords, Civics and Elements recalled

The company said the problem could allow the key to be removed without the transmission being shifted into park and also told to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the defect with the automatic transmissions could lead to a vehicle rolling away and increase the risk of a crash.

Honda in a statement reported that “several complaints about such failures” and “a small number of related incidents, including one that resulted in a minor injury.” Nearly 197,000 ‘Accord’ and 117,000 ‘Civic’ models from 2003, as well as 69,000 Element models from 2003-04 years are included in the recalls.

On Monday 9thAugust, the company said “it was recalling more than 428,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada because of a defect that could cause the cars to roll away if they are parked incorrectly”

Honda plans to begin notifying customers from late September, 2010 with instructions for scheduling the repairs. The owners can contact Honda at (800) 999-1009. Honda has issued the third recall over the problem in the recent year. Previously, Honda had two recalls for the same problems in 2003 and 2005.

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  1. erik says:

    Dude, you best keep that opinion quiet around here.

    No matter what kind of vehicle it is, the driving experience in enhanced by a manual transmission. They are less expensive to build, weigh less, are less complex and therefore less likely to break, they offer more control for the driver and are more engaging to drive. I love manual transmissions and would turn down a car I otherwise loved if a manual was not an option. I would be willing to pay more for a manual, but I don’t think I should have to. If you prefer automatics, well, the world is you oyster and you can get one in any car you want, but why would you want to deprive the market of choice and deprive true driving enthusiasts of their manuals option?

  2. khanna says:

    Toyota cars are unsafe! This is not a floor mat problem or a sticking gas pedal. This is a computer glitch of which there is not fix! Toyota can’t fix the problem! A simple brake-override safety control would have saved lives! But Toyota never cared enough to put that into any of their vehicles! Chrysler has had that on every vehicle since 2003! Also Toyota doesn’t have 1 top pick on the National insurance inst. for Highway safety awards 2010, meanwhile little old Chrysler has 4 top rated safest vehicles! It’s also nice to know that consumer Reports blindly recommended these unsafe death traps & mindless people bought them blindly! Now visit your Chrysler Dodge & Jeep dealer today & drive a safe vehicle!

  3. fareena says:

    Can the auto industry sink any lower? No offense but I can’t believe anyone is crazy enough to buy a new car right now in this economy. Considering that a healthy chunk of 2010 Cash 4 Clunkers cars have already been repossessed (i.e. why not just go to local banks and credit unions and buy these repo cars back for half the retail price? If you’re going to buy junk at least don’t over pay.

  4. jelly says:

    Toyota is very known for thumping nose to it’s customer. I wrote to Mr. Toyoda about the car problem, which was not fixed by dealer. Mr. Toyoda’s assistant wrote to me
    “you bought it you own it”. The arrogance is stinking all over the world, now.
    I feel sorry for the owners. Hope world will dump Toyota and it arrogance.

  5. tom says:

    Golden opportunity for US car makers in North America, namely GM, to make up some ground. Reliability and trust issues have opened the door.

  6. binit says:

    One thing is for sure, my kids are darned well going to know how to drive stick – then it’s up to them what they drive. I think if more people at least had the chance to choose a manual they would – they just don’t have an opportunity to learn. I know two people who have bought used cars with manual trannies and no previous knowledge of how to drive them. It was a difficult 2 weeks, but neither of them have any regrets and in fact have sworn to buy a manual again.

  7. debina says:

    Yeah, every Honda owner loves Honda’s transmissions… until you have to replace it. My piece of junk started going bad at 37,000, but Honda just c(w)ouldn’t find the problem time and time again. Try fighting Honda over that one when the tranny goes kaput at 63,000. Thank God I’m no longer brain-washed by that arrogant company.

  8. aryan says:

    I thought Honda was the best.

  9. MICHELLE says:

    it is the best.

  10. helen says:

    One has to wonder how long those air bags are going to hold up.

  11. james says:

    I think some you people need to take your blinders off and accept the fact that unfortunately not every foreign car is “perfect” as the media brainwashes us to believe, Toyota and Honda screwed up just as many other auto companies have in the past, accept it and move on. If you prefer to send your paycheck overseas to economies that are in ten times better shape than ours just to save a few bucks on repair bills be my guest, just don’t sit and complain about your own country’s economy after you write that check. I would rather support so called “government motors” and the country that raised me rather than 80% of every dollar flying to Asia and a small percentage staying here to support the American based factories these foreign manufacturers boast about.

  12. sara johnson says:

    I love these discussion boards, half of the member sit back and complain about “union build standards” and foreign supremacy when it comes to vehicle production and they have absolutely no idea what their talking about. I suppose that because Toyota and Honda engineers and designers developed faulty systems which are now failing it is at the fault of the union members who were paid to install them. Can’t be the management staff at Toyota and Honda that ordered these parts be implemented into their vehicles in the first place, Consumer Reports wouldn’t support ignorance of that nature with a Best Buy….. I guess those brake problems on Toyota Prius models manufactured in Japan our the fault of the unions as well, apparently were flying the UAW over there to work in their factories to produce garbage. Union labor has come under scrutiny in the past but without them non union industries today never would have rushed to implement benefits and wage structures for their employees to compete with the union jobs. You can bad mouth unions all you want, just makes you look as if you have a complete lack of knowledge to the true history of this country’s workforce. As for the “government agenda” ideas, I highly doubt that China/Japan, a region of the world that we are in billions of debt to are going to sit back and let us sabotage one of their largest manufacturing businesses without putting up a fight.

  13. paul says:

    Looks like a poster that is just dishing on Honda in general.Frankly I consider all car companies a bunch of crooks,liars,and full of coverups.However,it seems the American companies are doing a far better job lately than the Japanese.Heck,even the Koreans are looking good.Compared to Honda and Toyota,even Yugoslavia might have a chance.

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