Chevrolet to launch Camaro in India Soon

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General motors’s brand Chevrolet will launch its catchy sports car Camaro in India’s auto market after launch of Koenigsegg, Ferrari and Maserati’s sport cars. Chevrolet Camaro was already introduced last year in Auto Expo. The World Car Design of the Year award winning sports car, Chevrolet Camaro comes with its iconic look in India.

Chevrolet to launch Camaro in India Soon

Image source: from flickr, by Fabio Aro

A muscle car, Chevrolet Camaro will hit the Indian road very soon. Owing to its expected expensive price, it will be appropriate for the high class consumers who seek luxurious and sporty vehicles. The car’s global price range starts from $20000 up to $40000 that is nearly over 18 lakhs in Indian rupees. However, the car price would be boosted up to Rs.30 lakhs as the company will import fully assembled units in India.

Tim Lee, an international operations president of General Motors expressed to the media that a right-hand drive two-door Chevrolet Camaro will be put on sale in India in very short time. GM had displayed this car in the Auto Expo 2010, however at that time it was not alleged on early launch of Camaro in India. As per Tim Lee, the company will utilize the car for boosting the brands value and creating it strong.

Tim Lee allegedly said, “We will not sell a lot of Camaro cars in India, but it will be a brand builder for the company bringing many people to our showrooms.”

Chevrolet Camaro will be available with 6-speed automatic transmission. The car has latest convertible technology with four sitting capacity. As safety features, the car has four frontal airbags, four side impact airbags as well as an anti-theft system for evading stealing problem of this expensive vehicle. Additionally, Bluetooth® wireless technology, preferred device interface module and USB port are equipped for Camaro LT and 2SS. Four-piston brembo brakes, auto-dimming mirrors, oil-life monitor, head-up display, etc. features are also offered in Chevrolet Camaro. Its long sized bonnet of a car and short rear deck present Camaro in iconic look.

Video of 2011 Chevy Camaro Commercial from youtube:

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