Brammo Enertia Plus Review: Specifications of new Electric Motorcycle

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On 19th October, 2010 the Enertia Plus has been announced by Brammo, Inc. which is featured with Brammo Power(R), the latest in Lithium-Ion battery technology. One can book their electric motorcycle now but delivery will commence in 2011. An electric motorcycle can travel up to 80 miles (128 kilometers) on a single charge. The price of Brammo Enertia Plus is $8995.

Brammo Enertia Plus is an electric motorcycle; designed and sold by Brammo, Inc. Brammo Enertia Plus comes with 6.0 kWh Lithium Ion batteries. It is available in four colors: Eclipsed Black, Peacekeeping Blue, True Blood Red and Aluminium Silver. A number of enhancements which includes simplified charging, improved maneuverability, plus the option to add a center kickstand and rigid Givi side bags are featured by the Enertia Plus.

The weight of the Brammo Enertia Plus is 324 lbs / 147 kg which is suited to leisurely commutes than canyon carving — though optional saddle bags will let you do more with that extra stamina. The 2011 Enertia Plus will be unveiled in Milan, Italy at the 68th EICMA November 2nd — 7th. A number of factors like speed, acceleration, number of starts and stops, rider and cargo weight, changes in elevation, headwinds and road surface affect electric vehicle range.

Craig Bramscher, Founder and CEO of Brammo said, “I am delighted to announce the highly anticipated next member to our Enertia product line, the Enertia Plus. Taking full advantage of the Brammo Power™ technology revealed initially in the Empulse, we are now able to offer consumers twice the range in our Enertia platform. At just a $1000 price difference compared to the standard Enertia, we are offering a truly practical EV motorcycle with unprecedented consumer value.

Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development added, “It’s truly been an amazing experience to watch the Enertia’s capabilities as a motorcycle grows in step with the latest developments in EV technology. As with every Brammo product, the Enertia Plus represents the best of what we know. When we started the Enertia development, I never would have believed such a huge leap in range was possible in such a short period of time.

Features of Brammo Enertia Plus:

  • The Enertia’s batteries can be recycled for many other uses
  • Manufactured in the United States with 100% clean energy
  • Uses recycled materials in many components
  • The Enertia powercycle can be recycled
  • BRAMMO is a 100% clean technology company
  • 100% electrical motor; no gasoline, motor oil, or other petrochemicals
  • The Enertia’s Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are very safe and do not contain any heavy metals
  • Production requires less than 10% of the material resources needed for an average car

Specifications of Brammo Enertia Plus:

Enertia Motor
Motor Type: High output sealed brushless permanent magnet AC
Peak Motor Power: 13kW @ 4500 rpm
Peak Continuous Current: 80 A
Max Motor Torque: 40 N-m, 29.5 ft-lb @ 0 – 1450 rpm
Enertia Batteries
Battery Type: Brammo Power™ batteries
Battery Pack Capacity: 6.0 kWh
Battery Pack Voltage: 88.8 V (nominal)
Recharge Time: Approximately 8 hours
Battery Life: 500 cycles (30,000 miles) to 90% capacity
Enertia Performance
Top Speed: 60+ MPH, 95+ KPH
Average Range: 80 miles / 128 kilometers Electric vehicle range is affected by a number of factors including; speed, acceleration, number of starts and stops, rider and cargo weight, changes in elevation, headwinds and road surface
Enertia Dimensions
Weight: 324 lbs / 145 Kg
Cargo Capacity: 276 lbs / 125 Kg (600 lbs / 272 Kg total combined rider, cargo and motorcycle)
Seat Height: Standard seat 32.0″ / 81 cm
Optional Premium Seat 32.0″ / 81 cm
Length: 81.5″ / 207 cm
Width: 12.5″ / 37.75 cm (body)
19.5″ / 49.5 cm (peg to peg)
33.0″ / 84 cm (handlebar tip to tip)
Enertia Key Components
Frame: Lightweight extruded and welded aluminum – serves as a battery tray (patent pending)
Suspension – Front: Marzocchi Shiver hydraulic USD with compression damping adjustment. 5.0″ / 12.75 cm of suspension travel
Suspension – Rear: Works Performance hydraulic with pre-load and rebound damping adjustment. 5.0″ / 12.75 cm of suspension travel
Brakes – Front/Rear: Brembo hydraulic
Wheels – Front: 18″ x 2.5″ / 45.75 cm x 6.5 cm Cast Aluminum
Wheels – Rear: 17″ x 3.5″ / 43 cm x 9 cm Cast Aluminum
Enertia Options & Accessories
Premium Seat: Textured black vinyl and charcoal gray synthetic suede combination with accent stitching. Durable UV and water resistant with added top of seat comfort.
Saddle Bags: Soft shell expandable panniers -OR- rigid Givi lockable storage bags on powdercoated steel frame.

Photos of Brammo Enertia Plus:

Video of Brammo Enertia Plus – Twice the Range – 80 miles/ 126 km from Youtube:

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