2011 MTM Audi RS5 – Specifications and Review

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The stylish 2011 Audi RS5 will be introduced by MTM at Geneva Auto Show. The important part of the car is that it has stainless steel exhaust systems, which is designed to attain the highest flow-rate and efficiency. Specifications and review of 2011 MTM Audi RS5 are given below. MTM provides sophisticated suspension kits for both normal and electronic air suspension systems. Considering the customer’s individual preferences,...  Read More

Australian Actor Matt Passmore in A&E’s Tv Series “The Glades”

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Australian Actor Matt Passmore in A&E's Tv Series “The Glades”
An Australian actor, Matt Passmore stars lead role in the A&E Network’s drama television series “The Glades”‎. A&E declared second season of The Glades on September 13, 2010. As Jim Longworth, Matt Passmore is appeared an attractive, brilliant Chicago cop who has been wrongly accused and shot by his former captain for having an affair with his wife, this incident is also forced into exile. Afterward this...  Read More

Giant Goldfish of 30 pounds weight Photos Revealed

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Giant Goldfish, 30 pounds weight, has been recently caught in the south of France. This giant Goldfish surprised everybody, but some people thought that the picture of the giant Gold fish is a Photoshop trick. The weight of giant Goldfish (30 pounds) has been confirmed by few spectators. The monster fish was caught by Angler Raphael Biagini. When Angler Raphael Biagini saw this fish, he could not believe his own eyes....  Read More

Phoebe Prince’s Suicide : Cause of death revealed

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Phoebe Prince's Suicide : Cause of death revealed
Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old teenager committed suicide on January 14, 2010 by hanging and now the cause of death is revealed. Lately, the obtained court documents are explained that a young student, Phoebe Prince apparently committed suicide, after serious deeply bullying at school. On yesterday a former prosecutor said that the leak of private information about Phoebe Prince’s mental-health history is part of a “sick”...  Read More

POSB Everyday Card will get a new look!

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POSB Everyday Card will get a new look!
The POSB Everyday Card will get a new look that showcases the latest Singapore skyline, including the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. POSB Everyday Card will get a new look The card’s feature also get an upgrade, with an ATM function and doubling as an Ez-link card, eliminating the need to carry a separate card for public transport commuters.  Read More → Read More