How to unsubscribe/subscribe Vodafone services with an SMS?

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How to unsubscribe/subscribe Vodafone services with an SMS?
For the activation or the de-activation of a service, most of the times we have to call a customer care, or as another option we have to remember multiple codes for each service. Isn’t it little bit harassing??? But this harassment is now no longer with Vodafone as a new service called ‘START STOP’ has been launched by Vodafone, for its customers across all over India. Now, Vodafone users can unsubscribe/subscribe...  Read More Play Free Multiplayer Dancing Game Online

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Improve great number of mental and physical skills by playing games!!!!! Many people are willing to give auditions of Music, Dance and Fashion related programs just for enjoyment. There is good news for those people who give audition only for self enjoyment that they can now play the Audition game to experience the excitement of the best in pop and dance music at It is a free Multiplayer Dancing Game...  Read More Save with Walgreens Health Plans

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 | Leave a Comment Save with Walgreens Health Plans, an online source provides information about Walgreens plan services. It also offers apparatus and characteristics particularly for members of Walgreens plan and for patients, who rely on Walgreens for specialty pharmacy support for chronic and complex conditions. Walgreens works closely with people, who are suffering from chronic, life-threatening or uncommon conditions, such as bleeding disorders,...  Read More Site of Deposit Protection Service of UK

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Are you facing trouble of deposit protection? All landlords, letting agents and tenants are provided with free to use service – The Deposit Protection Service. It is a custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme that is approved by the government. Deposit protection is a safe, secure and straightforward service. It contains several innovative features with which it becomes easier for its new users such as landlords...  Read More Real Time BSE’ site Indian Investor

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India has majority of investors involved in stock market. Investors are true gamblers. Everyday, they play with the risks of profit and loss. They always keep their eyes on different sources available to watch market figures. Nowadays, internet is considered to be the most reliable source of information. There are innumerable websites that represent the stock market news. But is the official site availed...  Read More

Airtel Prepaid World: Recharge and Manage Airtel Prepaid Card

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Airtel Prepaid World: Recharge and Manage Airtel Prepaid Card
Airtel Prepaid users can now save their time of visiting the recharge store to subscribe any service or recharge. Airtel users are provided Self care service by Bharti Airtel for the first time so as to manage their prepaid service online. Now no need to rely on 121 services (Airtel customer care) for any help or activation of any service; users can directly receive help online. Under this service, users can recharge...  Read More

Banco Comafi Home Banking: Services & Features

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In today’s busy life, we don’t have time to visit bank during its fixed banking hours to carry out our day to day transactions. People can do all the banking transactions without visiting bank or waiting in long queues from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere else through home banking. Home banking can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, seven days a week using the internet, no matter where you are in the world. Home...  Read More

Idbi Netbanking: Sign Up & Login Guide with Review of Services

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Value the TIME by preferring the most advanced feature of Internet Banking!!! Time saving is the major benefit of this service as it allows customers to view bank account information and carry out transactions anywhere and anytime by 24X7 Internet banking access. Now onwards, there is no need to make any trip to branch as you can do all banking from the comfort of the house, office, hotels, etc. Not limited to this...  Read More

Banesconline Banking Services & Review

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Nowadays people are searching for new ways that help them in doing every work in short time period. Internet has solved this problem notably as people can carry out most of their regular banking transactions online with few clicks of a mouse from the comfort of their house or workplace at any time, 24 hours a day. Online banking facility provides you get rid of waiting in long queues at the bank for accessing to your...  Read More

BBBank Online Banking : Features of BBBank for internet Banking

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Instant banking solutions is needed for a superior lifestyle in today’s demanding world. Start banking in a better way if you find managing finances and paying bills a chore. BBBank’s Internet Banking service provides you full control over your bank and credit card accounts online. Anyone can do most of their banking online with lots of available options. Both businesses and individuals can advantage from...  Read More