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Today24News combines innovative technology with unmatched analytic, data and news distribution capabilities, to deliver critical information via platform of internet .

Our editorial team is known for its quality, innovation and integrity. Our vision is to Support our people and give them the freedom to perform and to provide our readers with information to influence their environment.

We Cover everything from art to airlines and use the internet media to take the digital age into people’s lives, influencing the way they live and respond to changing times, work and transact.


John Devari – Technology, Science & Environment

Vinay S – Games, Entertainment and Humor

Rakesh P – Entertainment , Sports & Games

Swati R – Health & Lifestyle

Pradip K – Education, Business & Politics

Bhumi L – Educational, Results , Careers and Job Placement

Peter S – Mobile , Laptop and Other Gadgets

Management Team

Vijay Mangukiya (CEO)
Working as technocrat earlier, Vijay founded Focusing on up to the minute news from world, he aims to be one of the top news and media analysis website in the world. He is a new media & tech entrepreneur. In addition to his duties at Today24News, Vijay works on his own start-up ideas. He is a graduate of Gujarat University, majoring in Instrumentation and Control. Click here to contact him.

Yusuf Khan (Senior Editor)
Yusuf khan is a graduate from School of Journalism where he studied business journalism and videography. He has 5 year experience in a News company. He manages all news and also solves site related issues and manage our growing staff. Click here to contact him.

Vijay D (Editor):
Vijay Devaras is a graduate from Pune University and holds a B.A. in Journalism. He has four year experience in media field. He’s responsible for the editorial management and direction of all news and analysis. He personally look over editing of quality content, breaking and local news. Contact him personally here.

Preety J (Editor) :
Preety joined us as a Managing Editor, and is responsible for overseeing editorial projects. She has 3 year work experience in TechDreams Infotech. She is responsible for all technical work like SEO and Website Design. Preety knows programming languages like HTML, PHP, Jquery and CMS like WordPress, Drupal etc.. Click here to contact her.

Ganesh K (Administrator)
Ganesh works as the administrator of this site. He manages all sites data, articles and staffs. He also takes care of technical issues, building and maintaining the network of sites. He is responsible for all articles and site design, user interface design and development, blogging and internet marketing. Click here to contact him.

Email : admin |a-t|

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