A Man in 2 month snow-covered car survived

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A Man in 2 month snow-covered car survived
It’s hard to believe that a man lived for 2 months in a frozen car, eating snow. But, a 44-year-old Swedish man named Peter Skyllberg has made this possible. He was trapped in the snow-covered car for 2 months, and he has somehow survived by drinking melted snow without food for a full 60 days. Peter Skyllberg was found by passersby on 17th February at snow-filled forest road over 1 km from the main road in northern...  Read More

City National Bank Online Banking: Login, Bill Payment & Online Manage Guide

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The esteem of net banking continues to soar; it seems that about one in four people prefer online banking for saving valuable money and time. E-banking is recognized as magnificent tool that makes banking service cheaper, faster and easier. One side the exploit of online banking is increasing more and more, while on the other hand many refuse to employ e-banking service due to the threat of security attacks, identity...  Read More

Valley National Bank Online Banking Review

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In the present time, life has become very busy so people don’t find time to visit bank during its fixed banking hours to carry out everyday banking transactions like earlier. You can save your time by performing a variety of banking transactions from your own personal computer through online baking facility of the bank. Online baking provides you banking at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere....  Read More