VH1 listed 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time

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VH1 is hosting 4-night special that is bound to become another addictive countdown special: VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time that features the greatest artists and musicians of all time.

The list is prepared by musicians and music experts of whom many will appear on the show. If you will organize a slew of beloved musical artists, list them in order of “greatness” right up to the very “greatest.” Jim Shearer is he host of VH1’s “Top 20 Video Countdown,” and will also feature some of the greatest musicians of all time. Over 200 artists voted including Alicia Keys, Diddy, Ozzy Osbourne and Carrie Underwood, as well as members of U2, the Police, Metallica and Aerosmith.

With back-to-back episodes at 10/9c and 11/10c starting from Monday September 6, VH1 will count down its 100 Greatest Artists of All Time from whom the five-part countdown will continue every day at 10/9c through Thursday, Sept. 10.

‘The Greatest’ is a VH1 series. In its each episode count down, either celebrities of a particular category or songs, albums, music videos, moments, musicians is included.

Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, these all are not in list. Some other today’s artists made the cut. Beyonce is number 52. Eminem is 79 and Alicia Keys makes it at number 100. The remained are filled with the usual suspects.

The list of main includes: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Elvis, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. VH1 has revealed the Top 5 (although their specific ranking will remain a secret until the final show airs). In alphabetical order, the list of the Top 5 is as under,

1. The Beatles

2. Bob Dylan

3. Michael Jackson

4. Led Zeppelin

5. Rolling Stones

Check out the actual rankings of the other 95 artists on the list below,

6. Jimi Hendrix
7. Prince
8. Elvis Presley
9. James Brown
10. Stevie Wonder
11. Bob Marley
12. David Bowie
13. The Who
14. Nirvana
15. The Beach Boys
16. Madonna
17. Queen
18. Pink Floyd
19. U2
20. Marvin Gaye
21. Bruce Springsteen
22. The Clash
23. AC/DC
24. The Velvet Underground
25. Chuck Berry
26. Neil Young
27. Aretha Franklin
28. Elton John
29. Radiohead
30. Aerosmith
31. John Lennon
32. Black Sabbath
33. Guns N’ Roses
34. Tina Turner
35. Johnny Cash
36. Paul McCartney
37. Fleetwood Mac
38. Sly & The Family Stone
39. The Kinks
40. The Police
41. Van Halen
42. Metallica
43. Ray Charles
44. Joni Mitchell
45. Al Green
46. Ramones
47. Jay-Z
48. Rage Against the Machine
49. Parliament-Funkadelic
50. Sade
51. Billy Joel
52. Beyonce
53. Little Richard
54. Public Enemy
55. Peter Gabriel
56. KISS
57. Iggy & the Stooges
58. Cheap Trick
59. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
60. Whitney Houston
61. Cream
62. Genesis
63. Notorious B.I.G.
64. Talking Heads
65. The Doors
66. Justin Timberlake
67. Coldplay
68. Otis Redding
69. Tupac Shakur
70. Def Leppard
71. R.E.M.
72. Janis Joplin
73. Van Morrison
74. The Cure
75. Rush
76. Run-DMC
77. Lynyrd Skynyrd
78. Judas Priest
79. Eminem
80. Mary J. Blige
81. ABBA
82. Steely Dan
83. Earth Wind and Fire
84. Curtis Mayfield
85. The Band
86. N.W.A.
87. George Michael
88. Bee Gees
89. Beastie Boys
90. Elvis Costello
91. Green Day
92. LL Cool J
93. Pearl Jam
94. Mariah Carey
95. OutKast
96. Journey
97. Pretenders
98. Depeche Mode
99. Hall & Oates
100. Alicia Keys


  1. Catherine says:

    Simon & Garfunkel? Paul Simon? HELLO!?

  2. Rene says:

    this list is rigged. no temptations, frank sinatra, red hot chilli peppers, sonic youth. oh no iron maiden. if judas priest could be on the list then iron maiden should also be the list

  3. james says:

    Jus kind of confused, understand that not everyone who voted has the same music taste. But Jesus Christ no Eagles, Frampton, Heart, Eric Clapton, Bob Seger and all the other bull shit with people saying he or she was politically motivated. thats just dumb as hell

  4. robert k says:

    Temptations (had more top 20 hits than 90% of the list, Supremes (up until Madonna had the most number 1 hits of any female artist), The Rascals (Good Lovin’ Groovin, It’s a Beautiful Morning, How Can I Be Sure, etc.) I can name more groups from the 60’s but I’d be waisting my time, and it blows my mind that Sinatra is not on the list, but the artist with probably the greatest voice of all time, BARBARA STREISAND, not being on the list, speaks volumes on the quality of it.

  5. CPK says:

    The list was mostly ok; but completely out of order. Missing:
    Lionel Richie
    Phil Collins (solo)
    The Carpenters
    The Eagles
    Eric Clapton (solo)

  6. Nataly says:

    Wheres the smiths! They’re a GREAT band!!

  7. Ruu says:

    Where is celine dion. Michael Jackson was #2 on vh1 TV list.

  8. Nick says:

    were is frank Sinatra. I’m pretty sure he’s better than the bee gees. This list definitely could of Been done better.

  9. Tensa says:

    Where is Stevie Ray Vaughan Jimmy is on there where is but where is SRV????

  10. Jay K says:

    Abba is on the list. ’nuff said

  11. Matt_M says:

    Dolly Parton, Simon and Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra should all be top 20 at the very least. CCR, Eagles, The Temptations, Red Hot CHili Peppers, Commodores also robbed.

  12. dan says:

    wow so many people on that list need to be replaced
    wheres iron maiden, frank senatra, stevie ray vaughan, red hot chili peppers, vh1 needs to pay attention when they make a list maybe take some time and think of who they putting on the list

  13. Court says:

    I don’t agree with a lot of this list.
    The fact that Sinatra isn’t on this list is incredibly confusing to me. No Buddy Holly?
    I don’t even like the Smiths but why weren’t they featured? Pantera?
    All of them are far more talented than Justin Timberlake and the like.

  14. kyle weaver says:

    no iron maiden = a failure of a list

  15. Jbork88 says:

    wow, put preist on there put comepletly ignore iron maiden. VH1 YOU SUCK!!!

  16. kyle weaver says:

    and if your going to include some oldies on there you HAVE to include buddy holly and frank sinatra. and the face there is no eagles really angers me.

  17. jbork88 says:

    what about ronnie james dio? he is a much better singer than ozzy. rainbow? dio? im confused.

  18. mwmwmw says:

    no boston? mamas and the pappas? timberlake ahead of green day? vh1 you’ve lost me. and they have the clash and ramones but no SEX PISTOLS. CCR needs to be on there. btw i just loved the the idiots being interviewed said the clash was pop.

  19. flwrldy06 says:

    ok i agree about all these comments but one really strong factor no one has mentioned.we you speak to most artist they almost always refer to elvis. i mean he inspired blues,rock,r&b,metal ect…thet all say this he was the king so why was he at least not in the top two.and wow motorhead has been banging heads since the fifties yes this list sucks most of the artist in this list people have never even herd of so how can they be the greatest

  20. alantheknight88 says:

    i agree, elvis is just as influential as the beatles if not more so and yet he is 8th? behind prince?

  21. The Knowledgeable one says:

    everybody!!!! u know vh1 didn’t make the list themselves right? if u listened during the showing of it they said they took around 200 artists/music experts, and took their ballots which were their top 5 and then made the list and some of the people that voted were showed in the program so before u get at vh1 for making a horrible list they didn’t make it

  22. The Knowledgeable one says:

    some of the artists that were shown, that voted were, little richard, james hetfield from metallica, ozzy osbourne, bono, lemmy kilmster of motorhead, and about 40 more were shown. so this was the perfect way to make the list GOOD JOB VH1

  23. The Knowledgeable one says:

    and for all u haters of vh1 f*** u guys because its very easy to hate on a countdown.. and for all the people who said frank sinatra should be in the list? y? because an orchestra/jazz compilation/big band music or whatever it was could play great music and frank could just sing-along-with it his voice is nothing without the band i would love to see him sing with just a piano and his voice and see how GREAT his voice is

  24. The Knowledgeable one says:

    and you could put any old new yorker with a somewhat decent voice and have the same success and impact he did so frank sinatra = average new york singer end of story

  25. JRD says:

    Pathetic list. Too many newer acts who haven’t proven themselves in longevity or real influence. Michael Jackson way over rated and moves up to number two just because he died? He’s no where more important than many under him.
    In the list done a few years ago he was number 39, that’s more fitting. Chuck Berry, Little Richard deserve better. Where is Buddy Holly? McCartney, the REAL King of Pop should be in the top ten. Rap artists cheapen the list. Typical.

  26. Hans says:

    Just a joke! No SRV, no Deep Purple, No Jethro Tull, No Sinatra, no Ten Years After etc.
    Just good to have stupid Justin Timberlake on the list. Maybe they should have put also David Cassidy and Donny Osmond on it LOL

  27. jbork88 says:

    hahahahahaha, theunknowledgeableone must be a vh1 employee to think this is a good list.

  28. Dana says:

    The Eagles, Sinatra, CCR, etc really don’t need the “attaboy” from VH1. Their music stands on it own and we all know it.

  29. jimhartdude says:

    Frank sinatra. old blue eyes. come on people. come on music experts

  30. iman says:

    Nirvana 14 while aerosmith 30!!!
    Aerosmith is the greatest US rock n roll band of all time.

  31. Michael says:

    Get the rap and hiphop people out put CCR,steppenwolf,Jefferson Airplane,Buddy Holly in,Put the child molester back in the 90s or 80s where he belongs,he sang bubblegum to kids for christ sake,put the 60s and 70s band back where they belong,Elvis should be number 2,and Paul McCartney,and John Lennon should be in top 10 by themselves.Rap and Hiphop are not art its SHIT

  32. matt says:

    Beyonce on the list??????????? and they didn’t put Christina Aguilera. Well, it’s just alternatif..

  33. chris says:

    The only thing I really disagree with is Chuck Berry at 25. Personally, I think he should be higher up on the list, especially considering a number of the acts ranked above him were influenced by him. I’d rather see him in the top 10 instead of Prince.

  34. Jamin says:

    No red hot chili peppers? come one no one is as talented as them these days, their at least top 20…

  35. anthony says:

    I was told the reason Sinatra ( who i thought would be on here without a problem ) was not on the list because he did not write his own music. People considered him a entertainer and not a true musician. remember people…VH1 did a poll , its not their call…if it was i would place pearl jam much much higher and drop abba too!I like the Peppers but i dont think they are great musicians.

  36. robert m says:

    alantheknight88….prince deserves to be ahead of elvis simply because he was far more talented than elvis…i would have prince in the top 3 for his impact and musicial genius..

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