T-Mobile 4G tablet to release in 2011

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Recently, one of the major U.S. carriers T-Mobile unveiled its plans to release 4G tablet at some point in the year 2011.

T-Mobile 4G tablet will be released in 2011, announced by T-Mobile on Friday after the statement of Sprint Nextel that it plans to launch a 4G tablet in 2011. T-Mobile competes with Verizon and Sprint Nextel in the 4G market so it seems that at present, their competition will extend by the tablets. Users are convinced that 4G tablets would resemble HSPA+ devices but publicized under diverse marketing terms due to T-Mobile considers its HSPA+ network also 4G, was a little mystifying.

T-Mobile 4G tablet

T-Mobile 4G tablet actually runs on HSPA+, but it does not technically qualify that 4G is neither based on ITU standards, nor on Sprint’s WiMax network. Android tablets, Windows 7-powered gear and potentially RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook are probably included in this device. Up till now, OS, pricing, release dates, features, specifications and manufacturers of 4G tablet are unknown because of any additional information about the upcoming tablet is not offered by the company.

T-Mobile 4G tablet will array from smartphones and tablets to emerging devices, due to it will be a part of “aggressive 4G product lineup” of the company. This branding has been objected by Rival carriers due to T-Mobile said “4G”, it means HSPA+. Customers want to see HSPA+ fuel future originality in a variety of mobile customer electronics from smartphones and tablets to upcoming devices. The term, “America’s largest 4G Network” is continuously used in marketing and other communications of T-Mobile.

To integrate HSPA+ in 2011, T-Mobile works on delivering 4G like the dominant global standard. By delivering a violent 4G tablets in 2011, T-Mobile will carry on to be at the leading position of wireless innovation. According to the T-Mobile company, speeds that meet and even go beyond on other 4G networks such as WiMax or early LTE.), are delivered by its HSPA+ technology. At present, one tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab that runs on the 3G network of the carrier is offered by T-Mobile.

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